Name That Ice Cream Cocktail

I scream you scream we all scream for….that’s right you guessed it…booze.

This is not just any old cocktail post, people. I am also here to learn you a thing or two. Most recipes for fancy cocktails usually include one or two different flavored liqueurs. Liqueurs such as Kahlua, which is rum flavored (excuse me I mean ‘infused’), with coffee, sugar, vanilla and HFC. It is also 20% alcohol, whereas rum is 40%. So, unless you are drinking flavored (or ‘infused’) booze straight up, they are a bit of a waste. They are really produced for bartenders who have to be quick to mix up a drink and cannot keep a refrigerator of perishable goods to hand. I know — I was a bartender many moons ago. They also jack the price of your drink up a couple bucks.

So, here are three recipes (the Banana Bourbon being my very favorite). I have included one recipe with Kahlua, but if you want to save yourself $16, instead add a half a shot of rum, a touch of sugar and a shot of strong coffee or espresso — or “expresso,” as my hilly-billy aunt likes correct her waiter or waitress when they say the former.

So, you can go crazy, go nuts and buy the Godiva liqueur, or you can also add a half of a shot of vodka and some good chocolate. Oh course if you have the stuff collecting dust in the back of the liquor cabinet this is the time to pull it out and rip it up.


For one cocktail in a blender or a glass add:

  • One shot of rum (I like dark)
  • One shot of Kahlua ( or see above)
  • Two cups of coffee ice cream ( more or less)

Blend or mix up with a spoon until all ingredients are mixed together well. If you can wait put in the freezer over night to “freeze” it a bit more and let all of the flavors combine. To serve top with another scoop of ice cream (what is a few more calories at this point?)

  • One banana
  • One tablespoon of dark brown sugar
  • One tablespoon of butter
  • One and a half shots of Bourbon
  • Two cups of good vanilla ice cream

Over medium heat  saute one sliced banana in a heaping tablespoon of brown sugar and a tablespoon of butter (homemade if you have it) until it is soft. Let cool and follow directions above.


  • One and a half shots of good vodka
  • Two cups of good chocolate ice cream
  • One heaping tablespoon of Nutella ( you can use any type of hot fudge  dark or milk chocolate depending on your taste)
  • One tablespoon of hot chocolate powder (optional)

Follow instructions above. Blend well if using hot chocolate powder.

Generally one of these drinks is enough which is why I make mine with a bit more PIZOW to get momma to where she needs to be.

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“Name that Brazilian Cocktail” winner? Jsananda with “Gringa Rosa” and ROC in a close second with “The Swirl from Ipanema”.



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  1. Baristanet drink night – and we get to taste these concoctions. Do I smell a party? I might even reveal my true identity. Or not.

  2. My house is a dangerous place. Things scream out “Eat Me” or “Drink Me” like Alice in Wonderland. Then people wander back hours later and claim to have lost their phone or keys. Wondering what is for dinner…

    How about a Halloween party? Come in costume and no one will be the wiser.

  3. I would call all of them ~


    Grazie per la “Nocciola Gondola” Roc! Thats the most chillicious!

  4. Generally one of these drinks is enough which is why I make mine with a bit more PIZOW to get momma to where she needs to be.

    Hols, I’ll bet you got great tips as a bartender. Drinks and entertainment.

  5. Cappu-scream-o is TOTALLY BRILLIANT!

    At town meetings they could serve a Clap-or-sream-o variation (and then some…)

    I tried to google “Chillicious” to see if it was the name of something already being served at MacDonnalds but I only found it as the name of a CD of “sensual background music”

  6. Working on it. I swear.

    I made good tips back in the day more because I was young and cute.

    You guys are good. I think this is the best grouping of names yet! I like “Banana Froster” better than “Frostier”. Easier to say.

  7. Working on it. I swear.

    And we’re waiting patiently.

    back in the day… I was young and cute.

    “Who is there who has not been overcome by the ravages of time? What beggar has attained glory? Who has become happy by contracting the vices of the wicked?”

  8. Time can tear down a building, or destroy a woman’s face. i would have said that if Mick Jagger hadn’t gotten there first, the sod!

    I will not name these fruity chocolately (SIC) drinks. Though they are no doubt quite tasty, and will get you where you want to go, I keep flashing back to my youth and imagining myself asking Paddy for a bourban, banana, ice cream and sugar concoction at MacAleer’s Pub.

    Dental work would be needed next day.

  9. Cro, that would be a little like walking into the famous Mutchie’s Saloon on 12th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen and asking for a Negroni. Your new address might be 1 Gravesend Bay…

  10. And the Iceman prefers the Jose Andres Gin & Tonic: Hendrick’s Gin, Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water, garnished with Juniper berries and a bay leaf. Can’t wait.

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