A Visit to Paterson

Baristanet’s great friend Frank Gerard Godlewski visited Paterson yesterday, two days ahead of President Obama, both to see the splendor of the great falls and the misery caused by hurricane flooding. He sent us this Flickr set and passed on some information for donating money or time.

To contribute money or volunteer to help flood victims in Paterson, Fairfield, Wallington, East Rutherford or Lyndhurst, visit this website.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Governor’s Office of Volunteerism at (609) 984-3470 or the volunteer centers in the affected counties:

Bergen Volunteer Center (201) 489-9454
Middlesex Volunteer Center (732) 247-3727
Passaic Volunteer Center (973) 279-8900 x 206

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  1. The title of “A visit to Paterson” makes the city sound like some sort of alien precinct. Well, maybe places like this and Wallington are to your average poster or Baristavillian, but both have around for quite some time. Even our esteemed Congressman Pascrell was in fact mayor of Paterson (albeit a fairly undistinguished one) before he was “promoted.” It’s also interesting to wonder how many people reading this site have ever even set foot in Paterson before if they didn’t in fact either have business in the Passaic County court system or a taste for the city’s many Near Eastern restaurants, since it has long been a city without almost anything else to recommend it to others.

    And Paterson is no real stranger to flooding, either. A year or two ago (and not for the first time), Passaic County’s courts were similarly closed for a week or so because of flooding downtown. Paterson, Wallington, ER and Lyndhurst have always been everyone else’s neighbors. It’s thus sort of sad that it takes a disaster for some formal acknowledgement of this reality.

  2. The floodwaters are returning. The worst is what happens when the floodwaters hit the junkyards and factory sites that are scattered within the proximity of residential neiborhoods. The flooding polutes everything downstream with toxins. Paterson, Garfield, Wallington, East Rutherford, Rutherford….Lyndhurst….
    In the urgency with the water and flooding, it seems that the levels of contamination will be the next emergency. Very sad….an ecological trauma.

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