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Without a doubt Baristaville is an area chock full of super moms and dads. My friend Jenn is one of those people. She’s the type of person that shows up at the bus-stop with her kids happy and unflustered every morning. Of course she is the happy-go-lucky type that would still have a smile on her face if someone cut her arms off . She would simply state that it had always been a goal of hers to learn to write with her toes. Other than her great attitude, one of her  best tools is her morning routine chart.

I have also asked  two of my other super  amazing mom friends that have four kids each, each with one special needs child, (I don’t know how they do it) what works for them and came up with a workable, printable chart  that you can customize to fit your family.


For older children that don’t need as much help I would make two charts. The “Upstairs List” of course you may not have more than one floor so you can modify this to “Bedroom List” or whatever works for you. These are thing your children can do after waking up. Get dressed, put PJs away, make bed and go to the bathroom. All things that get done before the T.V. is turned on.

The “Downstairs List,” should consist of things such as: saying “Good morning,” eating breakfast, putting dishes in the sink or dishwasher, brushing teeth, turning the lights off, getting their backpack and lunch.

To print out the picture icons for the chart CLICK HERE .

I printed the circles out on cardstock and did a quick print out on my computer with the headings of each task in the order we do things. I simply glued the circles onto the print out and posted one list on the back of each child’s door.. I did the same with our downstairs list.

Save yourself some energy by not having ask your children over and over to to the same things every morning. It may take a few weeks for them to master the lists but stay patient and consistent.

Let us know, did we miss any morning tasks that you would like to have a printout of? What things do you do with your children that make your mornings go smoothly?

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.


  1. Question…..
    It seems as though everyone on this site has K-12th graders. Does anyone have offspring in their mid-20s, as we have ?

    He’s a product of the Bloomfield School System, where he was a honor student, and then went to Rider University in Lawrenceville, N.J. where he erned a CPA Degree and is working in Manhattan for a Fortune 500 Corp., and paying his own way thru Law School.
    (and, like his father….he likes cars !

    The time just flys, when looking back! Nobody here has off-spring over the age of 17 ?? 20?

  2. Sandy , You are right BK is geared towards parents of children 0-18.

    You are such a proud papa and I love that. Time does fly and before you know it you will have grandchildren! Then you will be on BK loving all of the posts and activities for the little ones.

    We can do an Ask Holly post about how to hook up a five point harness car seat in the back of a classic car! Hailing from the Motor City I too know a thing or two about cars. My father has a 67′ Vette and I won’t let my kids near the thing. My four year old says, “It’s too woud mommy.”

  3. She would simply state that it had always been a goal of hers to learn to write with her toes.

    Reading this item is like coming late to the cinema and wondering if by mistake you walked in on the slasher movie. Is Holly going to praise supermoms or slice them into bits? Both, I guess. (Ouch.)

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