Discover Two Not-So-Secret Gardens Saturday

Two strikingly different gardens on a leafy street in Nutley will open to the public on Saturday, September 10. Silas Mountsier and Graeme Hardie will offer tours of their private gardens across the road from each other.

Mr. Mountsier’s garden is wide, park-like and cool. Mr. Hardie’s is intimate and hot! Crossing the street from one to the other is like crossing an ocean to step onto a new continent. Both spaces are designed by Richard Hartlage – designer of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s new herb garden – and feature on New York Time’s writer, Anne Raver’s “Great Gardens” list. The occasion is the 90th birthday of BBG’s director emeritus, Betty Scholtz. Admission is $15 at the door and all proceeds will be donated to BBG and to the Master Gardeners of Essex County.

Photos: Marie Viljoen

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  1. I have been to these gardens three times and they give me more pleasure than Longwood Gardens, the Biltmore Gardens, the BBG, the NYBG or any other I have seen. Silas Mountsier is an older man, and his large garden is not likely to be continued after he leaves….it’s an ambitious undertaking. Anyone with a passing interest should try to see this magical place before the developers have their way with it. I’ll try to get the address & forward it to Bnet.

  2. nazlo – Unfortunately the full invite with directions was not included in this post.

    The addresses are:

    205 and 210 Rutgers Place | Nutley, N.J. 07110 | Tel: (973) 667-3148

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