Jerry Fried Releases Strategic Flow Chart

On Saturday, during the special meeting of the Montclair Town Council, Mayor Jerry Fried said that on Monday, he’d release a strategic plan for Montclair to the press. The document, which arrived at 5:46 p.m., is a … flow chart, neatly coded in blue, green and yellow.

The goals listed on the 2843 x 3115 pixel jpg, entitled “Building a Sustainable Montclair,” fall under four general headings: economically sustainable, “good government,” culturally sustainable and environmentally sustainable. “Good government” is the only heading in quotes.

Goals shown in green are in planning or implementation and include “Develop Marketing Video and Powerpoints for China and Beyond” (economically sustainable), investigate 4th ward drug houses (“good government”), interfaith potlucks (culturally sustainable) and “Reexamine collection schedules/pay as you throw” (environmentally sustainable).

Goals in blue are in the “preplanning/policy formulation” stage and include “cross-train employees in some departments” (economic), “implement complaint-tracking software” (“good government”), “change night parking (environmental) and “Using School Integration to Foster Townwide Integration (cultural).

Back burner (yellow) items include “Hire Montclair” Campaign and Sell Outdoor Ad Space (economic), “More Security Cameras” (“good government”), “Mayor for a Day Fundraier” (cultural) and “Win Prize for Yielding” (environmental).

The strategic plan represents the work of Fried, deputy mayor Weller-Demming and third-ward councilor Nick Lewis.

“This is Phase Two,” Fried said in a short email accompanying the flow chart “The Plan was discussed by the entire Council during the first few months of our term and Phase One was released after the first 1/2 year. Without sufficient input from four Council members, we were unable to release this document as a product of the governing body.”

See the document in its entirety here.

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  1. Sorry, Debbie, I didn’t notice. I was too busy slapping my forehead with dismay that this is his idea of some grand plan.

    I sure hope his “implement newspaper racks” idea saves the local economy! nothing like tying the town’s future to that of a dying industry. maybe the council can also “implement” VHS tape racks?

  2. Wow. Of the 15 items outlined in the blown up image above, not a single one of them would help relieve our tax burden. Yet all 15 fall under the heading of Income:Ratables:Lessening the Property Tax Burden. And if you think this is bad, under Expenses related to Lessening the Property Tax Burden, he has such grand ideas as leveling the income tax/property tax equation.

    Fried is a very very very dangerous mayor. He is living in some type of utopian la la land. I can think of at least 10 simple ways to reduce our property tax burden. I can only guess how many hours he spent on this chart that does not appear to contain a single idea to reduce property tax. Unless you believe things like charging people a la carte for throwing out trash or using Zip Cars to solve our parking crisis is a real solution to the tax burden.

    This chart is a friggin’ embarrassment.

  3. This is like a train wreck. I want to look away, but I can’t. This is a mission statement. This is his vision.

  4. I’m dumbstruck because I’m so embarrassed. This is seriously a disaster. Okay, I’m finding some words now. Some of the “green” things are not unwelcome, but to prioritize them as he has done (based on what he has pushed thus far in his term) with no real economic plan that could result in a true impact. He should have simply chaired a “green” committee rather than running for mayor.

  5. Please stop…I can’t take it anymore. Jerry Fried and the other two are so embarassing, not to mention, dangerously inept, it makes my skin crawl. The graphs and charts are so absurd, it makes me think those 3 are simply trying to deflect attention from the monkey business going on at 205 Claremont. Are they really trying to accomplish something? Its a joke, right?

    Somebody wake me up from this nightmare.

  6. As I sit here in my living room just across the eastern border drinking a glass of red wine, my only regret is that we moved out of town before we could cast a vote for his opponent in the next election. Who am I kidding, we’ll be paying for this along with the rest of you. We are doomed.

    If anyone wants to make a run for the border and needs a place to stay, our basement is free. And it only floods during hurricanes.

  7. “Without sufficient input from four Council members, we were unable to release this document as a product of the governing body.” Those four probably saved you considerable embarrassment. Jerry, if you have any sense of gratitude you will publicly thank them at the next council meeting.

  8. # 1 problem is CRIME, DRUGS, GUNS, GANGS and the FEAR it puts in:
    Shopkeepers and shoppers and employees.

    Remove the crime element and all else will fall in place. New stores will arrive, customers will show up, and it will become like Millburn, South Orange and Maplewood. The #1 problem IS the CRIME, fueled by DRUGS.
    Parking is also sometimes a problem, but folks will find a space…they always do.
    What is the story with tthe old DeCozen building? Who owns it and is it going to atay as it is, for the next decade?
    MORE cops, lots more at that PATHMARK! I stopped there once, never to go back. Those should be the defining beginning and end of MONTCLAIR CENTER.

  9. I am clinging to the slim hope that Mayor Fried’s account has been hacked and that he is the victim of an insightful and elaborate work of satire.

    But if he is indeed putting the out there as his own genuine effort, … well then words fail me.

    Some of the more polite have been used here: fool, joke, delusional embarrassment, train wreck.

    Montclair, we are in trouble. It is time to panic.

  10. The joke is on us. While interest rates are at an all time low, someone on this council should be taking a look at all those interest only loans so we can begin to pay down some of the debt that makes up 20% of our municipal budget. And we won’t need a flow chart for that. Then we should look at outsourcing some services – we really cannot afford to maintain all those vehicles and pay all those salaries with benefits. And I’m still not sure why the parking authority is a sacred cow. Then we should forget about moving the municipal election to November next year because six more months of this kind of nonsense is going to run this town into the ground. Let’s get some new people in as soon as possible to deal with the nuts and bolts issues of actually running a municipality.

  11. I tried to look at the whole thing…really, I did. I was so distracted by the pretty color though…that was his goal, wasn’t it? Can anyone tell me why under the “Glen Ridge” section it doesn’t address renewing an EXISTING combined service agreement to provide Fire Department services? He indicates that we could be combining other, new services that we don’t already. He should be focused on renewing the current agreement that expires at the end of 2012! That’s about $1Mil of income that will be lost if it’s not renewed…even if the price is dropped, it’s a win-win. Bloomfield will be laughing all the way to the bank if Jerry and his crew screw this 20 year standing deal up!

  12. DARN !! I’m so ticked, I had “Market Montclair in China beating “Implementing Newspaper racks” in the first round. Totally messed up my brackets.

    The only chance I have now is that ‘Exploring rental fees for pedestrian space’ as a 15 seed can knock of “implement bed and breakfast ordinance”.

    (tks for idea LiFer)

  13. This thread looks more like a pile-on than useful commentary.

    I can’t imagine that that chart is all that unusual in the world of corporate or municipal planning. In fact, it looks to me like something created using a purpose-built software product. But whatever. Carry on with the sharp-stick insults and professions of *shock* and *disgust* from behind the veil of anonymity. I’m sure that threads like this one keep B’net’s click-rate, and their advertising revenue, up.

  14. If he weren’t the Mayor this would be funny.

    What exactly does the town of Montclair manufacture that the Chinese government wants to buy? Is there some kind of shared service opportunity with the Politburo that we should know about?

    This is a total embarrassment.

  15. This plan needs to be implemented!! Businesses are already closing as result of its delay.

    Just think how Sesame could have benefited from Montclair being marketed in China. They could have worked out an arrangement where they could have purchased those little corns at a discount which would have helped them increase their profit margin. There could have been some sort delivery ‘person’ exchange program where tricks of the trade could have been exchanged and knowledge increased.

  16. Amen, Sandy. Crime is a major problem/hinderance to bettering Montclair, I’m sure. It doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult to crack down on crime… Montclair is not a major metropolis. Don’t we just need more patrol cars? I’m not gonna pretend that I know the answer. But the crime issue should be addressed, and on another topic, I hear there are a few big building owners in town- maybe they should reduce their rent??? I’ve heard some places are closing because of rent INCREASES in a down economy? What the hell is going on??

  17. @willjames…
    The “piling on” as you call it here is a result of this being proposed as a strategic plan. Plain and simple, it is not a plan. It’s a bunch of ideas grouped into categories. From two years ago.

    It does not indicate any managed and integrated effort to get these things done. It doesn’t show who can or might be tasked with doing these things. That might becloser to a plan.

    Should the Mayor be lambasted for suggesting that this is a plan? Yes.

    Should he be criticized further for suggesting that “insufficient input from four council members” is why this is the extent of the council’s plan? Absolutely. That means that he has failed in his role as mayor to preside over the council. If this isn’t a plan determined and agreed upon by at least 4 out of 7 council members, than what plan is?

    As the “first among equals” on the council (as the mayor is described on the above page from the town’s web site), it’s his job to manage the council. He should be bold enough to do it and, more importantly, humble enough to live with the 7 votes when he finds himself on the short end of a decision.

    He has shown little, if any, humility when decisions of the group have gone against his wishes. And for that alone he deserves to be eviscerated in this and other public forums (or “fora” for you Latin scholars).

  18. This has been a tough week for Fried on Baristanet with several back to back threads predominated by negative posts from mostly anonymous posters. I’m sort of with willjames on this: the criticism may be justified, but it is piled on by people who are apparently not engaged in trying to do something concrete about it other than posting here. While I don’t necessarily disagree with the posters, the cumulative effect is to marginalize the B-net community: it seems, from a neighbor who doesn’t share the stakes, to be sounding like more of an angry mob than a rational group. Where are the petitions to recall, with your names signed? Where is the opposition platform, with your candidates vetted and presented? OK — he has no plan. What’s yours, and will you own it, publish it under your name and push to get it implemented?

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