Name That Baristanet Halloween Party

Ok, Baristavillians you asked for a party and we are throwing one. A Halloween costume party with all of the trimmings.

Food, drinks, “Name That Cocktails,” entertainment, music (I have the largest collection of Halloween music from the 1920s to the 2000s), costume contests, Halloween trivia contests and really groovy prizes.

Save the date: ┬áSaturday, October 29 — details to follow. Come in costume or not, wear a disguise or reveal your identity. So scary monsters and super freaks all you need to do is give it a freaky clever name.3

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  1. Unfortunately, the Conans will be in Washington that weekend to attend a state dinner for the President-for-Life of Elbonia. But I will ask Ice to take my Minox with him and capture pictures of blond women in little pink shirts. Somehow that sounds kinky, doesn’t it?

  2. …unless, of course, the President-for-Life of Elbonia is overthrown during the upcoming Balkan Autumn or we can’t get reservations at Minibar, whichever comes first. In which case, Conan will attend costumed as a young man (that is going to take a lot of work) and She Who Must be Obeyed will come (as she does to every social event) as The Best Looking Woman in the Room. I owe Walleroo a martini, and I would love to Deck the Hall with Bows to Holly.

  3. Conan, are you trying to get a head start on naming the Baristanet Christmas Party? If so, may I suggest a slight alteration: “…With Booze of Holly”?

  4. I am in like Flynn! And I love BOOORISTANET BALL!! The “Ball” part adds a certain amount of class to what apparently will be a booze fest with costumes!

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