“New” Construction On Montclair’s Mt. Vernon Fetches Over A Million

A 4 bedroom colonial at 6 Mount Vernon Road, built in 2007 (on a lot that sold for $335,000), was sold this week for $1,080,000 — a lot more than other homes on the block. According to the listing, the lot size is .16 (57X121) and the property was listed at $1,100,000 and on the market 68 days. Here’s the description:

Charming Colonial built in 2007.Six years left on Home Owners Warranty.Very rare to find new construction in this lovely well-established community. Fabulous 4 bed 3.5 bath 152-acre Brookdale Park at end of street. Sought-after neighborhood street; close by NYC transportation.

Click through for pictures – and tell us — how much more would you pay for new? How does this Montclair newborn compare to a grand dame Victorian.

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  1. If you are coming from NYC, this price buys a one bedroom apartment. I think our home values are buoyed by that continuing reality.

    Although I’d much rather have the grand Victorian…

  2. My estimate, based on the limited data of this listing, tells me the buyer overpaid by about 200 thousand dollar.

  3. They may have finally gotten their price, but they had to hold it for four years! I looked at this house back then, the yard was small and too close to the neighbors.

  4. But it has granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances and an island in the kitchen. And the master bedroom has a tray ceiling and a fireplace and I’ll bet it has an en suite bath. And it has crown molding and paneling (probably cut from MDF). It’s kind of remarkable how cookie cutter all the standard “desired” features are these days. I often want to slap the homebuyers on HGTV when they come into an gorgeous older home and and can’t possibly buy the house because the kitchen doesn’t have granite. Or the bathroom is off the hallway. But throw up some cheap trim and paint it white – and people oooh and ahhh over the original features. Original in a 5 year old house. There’s a sucker born every minute.

  5. Two garage doors facing the street? Might as well plop it down in a california sub-division. Pretty soon there will be an RV in the driveway

  6. Looks like it’s close to double what neighboring houses are in price. I thought a basic real estate rule was not buying the most expensive house on the block. Then again, I’ll never be in the market for a million dollar home so maybe that rule doesn’t apply to the wealthy.
    Re Victorian vs new build: tough call. Certainly a new home will never have the charm of a Victorian, but Victorians are a lot more work (and therefore $) to maintain. Also, I do like modern kitchens and bathrooms. The rest of the house generally seems a bit “cold” in newer builds and Victorians are more comfy. I guess buy a Victorian, renovate the bathroom and kitchen and make sure you are wealthy enough to afford all the repairs. But again, I don’t expect to win the lotto anytime soon.

  7. I think modern houses are great, when they don’t try to cheaply copy traditional features. My next and last home is likely to be one of those Dwell pre-fab homes – beautiful new features and very efficient. And virtually indestructible.

  8. This modest house will cost the buyers about $50thousand a year mtg and interest plus $30thousand Montclair taxes, maintenance etc on top of that.
    So the buyers had better have an income of at least $200 thousand. Welcome to affluent Montclair.

  9. Talk about cutting corners!
    Asphalt covering only half the front yard?
    For a bit more, the builder could have paved over the whole thing!

  10. Spectator, you can’t get a mortgage for that amount if you make $200k. A $200k salary gets you a house in Bloomfield.

  11. I definitely would not pay that kind of money for that house. It does indeed remind me of a cookie-cutter SoCal McMansion because of the garage. Obviously the lot wasn’t wide enough to make a driveway along the side for a detached garage or for a side-load. Sure it’s nice to have an attached garage – no getting soaked running to the car in the morning, but I just don’t like it this way.

    Also if building new, my personal preference is stained molding. White painted trim work to me screams “cheap” — MDF or pre-primed pine. yuk. If you are going to go to the expense of building up trimwork and paying a craftsman for that level of detail, for heaven’s sake stain the wood, at least on the first floor. Then again maybe that’s because I like the Arts & Crafts/bungalow/prairie style best anyway.

    Inside, the color choices make me think of a bank-owned property… “get in there and paint the whole place Linen white.” Jeez! Actual people lived there for four years and never put up any color at all? OH wait: perhaps they just recently painted it all linen white because the walls used to be day-glo colors and their realtor advised them to tone it down…

    Anyway. I’d take the Victorian. That’s been one of my favorite Places to Admire in town since I moved here 20 years ago.

  12. Well, looking on the positive side – At least the house appears to fit in better with the surrounding nieghborhood …..unlike the ugly monstrosities collectively known as Christopher “Crisco” Court.

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