Shall We Dance?

There are many dance class options in Baristaville. One studio, The Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Upper Montclair, is offering some unique classes for kids this fall:

  • Latin Fitness for 9 – 14-year-olds: Rev up your childs’ metabolism, tone and improve their coordination with our Latin-based fitness class for kids.  Loosely based on the International Latin Syllabus approved by the NDCA and the Fred Astaire National Dance Board and taught by a certified ballroom dance instructor. Zumba inspired.
  • Ballroom & Latin Dance for 8 – 12-year-olds: Your child will learn the basics of Latin and Ballroom dancing.  This class is progressive and for serious students only, but beginners are welcome!
  • Preschool Tap/Jazz for 3 (potty-trained)- 6-year-olds: Face it, kids love tap shoes. And kids love music. Start them out right with a master dancer who is also lots of fun and a very experienced teacher.

Wish you could dance too? Broadway Jazz taught by Broadway Veteran Lois Englund is for ages 17 and up and offered on Saturdays. I took a Broadway dance class years back in The City and loved it. You just might see me in Montclair doing my best “jazz hands” to A Chorus Line.

(Photo: Flickr)


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