Siena Gets Caulked

The exterior of Montclair’s water-plagued Siena condominiums were getting caulked today. A person overseeing the work, who didn’t want to be named, said the caulking was being done according to direction they had received from engineers, and would be a test, to see if it’ll make a difference.

It’s “something positive,” he said.

Prior to Hurricane Irene, a message was sent from Jonathan Litt of Kohl Construction to the building’s residents, saying that they’d have staff available to help — along with personnel from Pinnacle Communities — should there be leakage problems.

We haven’t heard of anything related specifically to the recent storms, and wonder how our Siena neighbors fared. Do you think today’s caulking will help?

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  1. Nice to know that the condo owners will be shielded from thunderstorms,driving rain and other natural phenomena via a generous 1/2″ deep application of goop. ( ..that is, until it shrinks and cracks, and opens up again… )

  2. Did anyone notice the marketing materials in the window below the cherry picker?? I think it says Upscale and Pampers…… at least they are being honest about the leaks and are providing something absorbent!!! Come to the township meeting and tell Pinnacle to build someplace else! Montclair Township Building – Claremont Ave – September 20th – 7 pm!!!

  3. “Come to the township meeting and tell Pinnacle to build someplace else!”

    They should not be building anywhere. I wouldn’t hire them to build a doghouse.

  4. The town has earmarked Pinnacle to build the monstrous DCH project which was supposed to be funded by Chinese investors who want to get a toe in to American commerce. Right Jerry? Only in Montclair.

  5. I like Supercuts. I can wander in with no appointment and just gt a haircut. No pretension or looking down their nose at my un-dyed hair. No taking – please give me a trim – and hearing please make me look like lady gaga.

    Oh and the check cashing place use to be (still is?) in the building that was Diva Lounge.

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