Team Jacobs, a Year Later

Glee and the new post-petition Montclair Town Council were not the only things debuting on TV last night. So was season 11 of The Biggest Loser. And you can be sure that our biggest local losers, Jen and Jay Jacobs, veterans of season 10, were watching the festivities. We ran into the whole Jacobs family on Church Street a few weeks ago, after Jen taught a spinning class at the New York Sports Club in Montclair to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Jen and Jay before picture.

Even though Jen and Jay were the ones to go off to the ranch for the grueling weight loss regimen, the family back home (mom Kim and brother Matt) buffed up too. Altogether the family lost … (drumroll, please)… 420 pounds. Among other things, they like to brag that their gas mileage has improved.

But there’s more: Jen, Jay and Matt are all training for the New York City Marathon on Nov. 6. and this weekend — along with a bunch of Biggest Loser alumni — they’re doing the Spartan Race.

Jay, Kim and Matt watched the season premiere from the family homestead in West Orange, while Jen watched from her place in Long Branch — and the family tweeted back and forth. Says Jay:”It’s so surreal to now watch the show and not be on it as you can never think or look at it the same way as you know now what’s behind the big TV production curtain.”

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