The Family That Plays (Piano) Together, Stays Together

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When Luke and Ethan Savitch are not designing video games or sword-fighting, they take beginning piano lessons. After their piano teacher, Ron Vera, instructs the boys at their house, he stays to teach a third student, their mother, Jennifer Savitch. The threesome kicked off their instruction this past summer after Grandma Judy shipped Jennifer’s childhood piano from Ohio to New Jersey.

“I’m thrilled with it,” gushes Jennifer, “head over heels with the three of us practicing every day. It makes me feel fantastic inside.” Jennifer, a charter pilot and active Montclair mom, is working through an adult beginner piano book while her boys study the parallel children’s repertoire. You might recognize her name from the Barista Kids story of her fight for bike rights at Hillside Elementary School. Jennifer’s younger son, Ethan, aged eight (older brother Luke is aged nine) likes to loll on the ground next to the piano, savoring the music and the vibrations, while Jennifer takes her turn at lessons.

Yet taking up the piano as an adult comes with its challenges, most notably a secret fear of being behind some imaginary standard of accomplishment. After Jennifer and her boys took a two-week break from lessons early in the summer, she gave Ron a flimsy excuse that she and the boys were too busy to resume. “I was scared all over again,” she said.  “It was that worry that I was so far behind.  But I decided I wanted to keep the momentum going.”

Read more about Jen on Nancy M. Williams’ website about adult piano lessons.


  1. POSTED BY jensavitch  |  October 04, 2011 @ 2:28 pm

    I have to say, Nancy Williams is a delight to meet in person. She brings your blood pressure and stress down just being in her presence!

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