The Lion King is Back

I first saw The Lion King when I was working as a teacher’s assistant almost 18 years ago. I watched it with the class of kindergarteners and became so enthralled with it that I forgot I was working. The music, the story and the magic–it’s all in The Lion King.

When I became a mom and my daughter was old enough to watch the movie, I was upset to learn that it wasn’t available. Disney pulls movies off the shelves, so it can re-release them. Smart business move sure, but I was bummed.We’re talking about a Disney movie where they don’t kill off the mom! That’s big. I wanted my girls to see it. So when I learned that The Lion King would be back on the big screen for two special weeks starting on September 16, I was thrilled. It will be in 3D–not my favorite–but whatever, I’m happy.

AMC Theatres will be showing the classic film. Check here for locations. I already ordered our tickets. If you don’t get out to see it on the big screen, Disney is releasing a Diamond Edition on Blu-Ray on October 4.

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