2 Teens Struck and Killed by NJT Train Near Willowbrook Mall

Two of three teenage boys who were were crossing the NJ Transit tracks at a trestle over Routes 23 and 46 yesterday were struck and killed on Sunday evening, just northeast of the Willowbrook Mall. According to the Star Ledger, the boys often used the shortcut, but were aware of the train schedule, and thought the tracks would have been empty. This particular train was unscheduled, traveling eastbound at around 60mph on the Montclair-Boonton line from the Port Morris yard to a maintenance complex in Kearny.

Read the full story on NJ.com.

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  1. A sad result of terrible infrastructure planning. There’s no way to cross routes 80 or 46 north from the mall by foot or bike….

  2. And this morning some passengers running late for the 8:18 out of Walnut decided to not only cross the tracks while the gates were down, but apparently went under the stopped train in order to catch it. The next eastbound train runs 10 minutes behind with a connection at Newark Broad. So to save maybe 15 minutes these folks risked their lives this morning. They were escorted off the train at Newark Broad Street by the NJ Transit Police. NJT is cracking down on track trespassers to prevent another tragedy.

  3. Under the train? Is that right? Wow, I’ve seen people run in front of the train, but under it… that takes some cojones and some seriously loose screws.

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