Barista Kids Poll: Ask Holly Halloween Help

Need help? Holly is here to save the day–Halloween that is. Remember this beautiful costume she made for her daughter last year? Take our poll and tell us what you want to see in our Ask Holly column….

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  1. I need a costume idea for the Booristaween (sp?) party. Something un-sexy, easy, and extremely flattering and slimming. How’s that for a challenge?

  2. Dress as a sailor. Then cut out the letter “C” seven times and glue the C’s on your rim of the hat.

    If you want to add the sexy part back into the costume just ask random men if they would like to sail the seven seas.

  3. You left out this most important poll response:

    “Come to my house and do everything for me!”

    I must have missed your costume post from last year because I definitely would have remembered your adorable children, in those unbelieveable costumes!!

    My one and only attempt at a home made costume was when my girl was perhaps 3 years old – it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it started unraveling and became a tripping hazard half way through the evening. Luckily she was just glad to be carrying a sparkly fairy wand.

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