Cat Found Near Parkway in Bloomfield

This little critter was found in Bloomfield near the Garden State Parkway. She appears to be declawed and is well fed but she is quite unhappy about being in a cage and wants her family back.

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  1. Yes this kitty is a female, front declawed, with many cuts and bites on her neck, so she was either thrown out or really lost somewhere along the way….. I wish someone was looking for her. she can get a little nippy so perhaps that is why she was thrown out, but super friendly. She will be put up for adoption if no one claims her. Do not look for her at the bloomfield shelter because they refused to take her, sadly.

  2. Nope they would not even look at the cat and was not nippy until put into crate. She is very friendly and loving, came right to my boyfriend who found her;

  3. I’m very sorry to hear the about the Bloomfield shelter, but please know the fault is not with the shelter’s policy but with whoever was behind the desk when the cat was brought in. The shelter is in a state of flux right now, with a new shelter manager starting this week. We hope things like this will never happen again and that many other wrinkles will be ironed out, once and for all.

    I do hope this little one is reunited with his/her family soon or someone steps up to take it in. Please keep us posted.

  4. What policy are we talking about here? Bloomfield shelter…Bloomfield cat – is there something that I’m not understanding?

    Cuddles – please let us know what the Bloomfield Shelter’s response is – I assume that you’ve complained.

  5. Pat, you’re absolutely right. The cat should not have been turned away. We have a municipal shelter which has the responsibility of taking in local strays and those in the towns for which we provide animal control. That is also why we are under the gun to get our animals out into homes. We don’t have the luxury of being a sanctuary or rescue since we must always have room available for strays. There is room at the shelter. This cat should not have been turned away.

  6. Nessy’s human companions are on their way to pick him up.

    Thanks to cuddles he didn’t have to stay on the street or overnight in the shelter. And thanks to Karen Banda for telling them about the baristanet post when they came looking for him at the Bloomfield Bukoski shelter.

    Another Baristanet sucessful animal tales post. Kudos to Mrs. Martta who has a heart of gold!

  7. Thank you to Pat, MM and Karen for all the help 🙂 happy this cat is back in her home; she has some health issues and I hope I was able to educate the owner a little on cats and cat care.

    The family was very nice and was so happy to have Nessy back!

    Thanks again everyone.

  8. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have been able to help rehome that little one. It made my day! (Well, that along with educating a very nice man about the benefits of neutering hs 15 month old pit bull puppy which I think he took to heart.)

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