Hey, Blackberry Users: Did You Get the DT’s Yesterday?

Let’s face it, we in Baristaville are a connected group of people. We’re Masters and Mistresses of the Universe, so when something like a smart phone goes down, as Blackberries on the RIM network did yesterday, it’s not just an inconvenience, it’s a crisis. I’ve already heard from one PR person who was pulling her hair out yesterday, and is planning to shop for an iPhone over the weekend. Clever Commute sent out an email today telling users Blackberry users who’ve had email interruptions about workarounds using its mobile site or Twitter.

Which makes us wonder just what mobile phones people are carrying these days. Take our mobile poll — and tell us in comments if you’re happy with whatever device you’re carrying.

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  1. Dear Blackberry – I think it’s nice that you’re honored Steve Job’s death with three days of silence.

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