Mother Nature’s Trick is Not a Treat

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  1. Just checked in with neighbors…sigh…we are all seeing the power flicker with greater frequency right now..fingers crossed it holds here on Highland Ave in Montclair.

  2. Broad Street in Bloomfield between Bay Avenue and Glen Ridge Parkway is closed due to a downed power line.

    As I was walking down the center of a deserted Broad Street to see why there was no traffic going past my house, I witnessed several large limbs snap from trees – including one that landed right in the middle of the road where I would have been in a few minutes – and heard many others falling with the tell-tale “crrraaaaaccckkk”. I quickly high-tailed it back to my house, realizing that there is no safe place to be outside during this storm.

    Even as I sit here and type, I hear branches from the trees behind my house snapping and falling onto my patio and my neighbor’s deck.

    It’s very dangerous out there right now. So, stay in your homes until this storm is over and the sun comes out to melt the snow tomorrow!

  3. This is worse than anticipated! Trees and/or wires are blocking every street in our neighborhood (West Orange). We are literally prisoners on our own street…cannot get out. I don’t remember trees and wires down like this in the last storm and that one was pretty bad.

  4. Me too. Next door neighbor has a gaint tree. 2 limbs (one medium and one big) fell across our driveway ! ! We are trapped. Wife has a 4WD Jeep Cherokee, that can, and has, done fabulous feats in prior years…but… she cannot climb 10-inch thick tree limbs. I guess we are really stick in – for who knows for how long. Wife went to W.O. Shop Rite yesterday and sorta kinda bought everything. We have power & food, but I hate that “Trapped” feeling.

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