New Life As Garden Queen For Old Doll Head

Baristaville artist/gardening guru/photographer Fran Liscio writes…

This is the head of my dearest childhood doll, Cissy, by Madame Alexander, and I love her deeply to this day. I incorporated her sweet little head into my artwork. Here she is wearing a hat made of a dried datura blossom (it’s considered a weed and is a member of the solanum family) that I found growing wild in the whole foods parking lot along with a green gloxinia calyx as a ‘pom pom.’ I let it dry and put it on her head. Her collar is a beautiful sempervivum succulent, ornamented with some small miniature pomegranate calyxes nestled in a bed of miscanthus grass.

If you want more inspiration to create something yourself, check out this nature walk where Fran and Holly Korus came up with some simple, gorgeous botanical prints from stuff they found on the street. See more of Fran’s amazing creations at Punks and Roses. (Wouldn’t we love Fran to create a creepy doll display for Booristaween?)

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  1. This isn’t the kind of story I would normally read, but the headline is just so darned good, and there is something compelling in the idea of putting the head of an old doll in a garden and dolling it up with sempervivum succulent, miniature pomegranate calyxes and miscanthus grass. Not that I know what those things are.

    Something about the combo of Fran, Holly and Liz just clicks. When you guys become the new Martha Stewart, I’ll tell everybody I knew you when.

  2. You’re right, Walleroo, we DO click!! Did anyone ever read those great books about Edith the Lonely doll and the teddy bear family she befriends? They provided great inspiration for me starting at around age 4. There really is something sweet and spooky about dolls.

  3. My step-father’s sister-in-law collected these dolls. We went to visit her house once, when I was 8-years-old. There were probably over 200 dolls all over the house: sitting at the dinner table, on the couch, in every corner of the place. I was terrified and am not a fan of dolls ever since.

  4. Yes, Georgette, I think I know what you mean. A few dolls are sweet. 200 of them, everywhere you look–that’s an episode of “Doll Hoarders.”

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