“Random” Andrew Meyer on Chris Gethard Show

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Meyer, left, with the Human Fish on the Chris Gethard Show.

The Chris Gethard show, for those not acquainted with the latest in Manhattan public access TV,  is a weekly television talk show featuring 20- and 30-something comedians and other assorted misfits, with lots of weird schtick, like the Human Fish, a guy who sits around in his bathing suit and only speaks when it’s time to make odds on something, and Mimi the hula hooper, who provides an ongoing kinetic wallpaper in the background. Gethard, you may recall, is a comedian who hails from West Orange, has written for Weird New Jersey, spent years with the Upright Citizens Brigade and starred in a short-lived Comedy Central show called “Big Lake.”

Add to this mix, at least for the next four months, a Pace University sophomore named Andrew Meyer, who hails from Glen Ridge and who just joined the Gethard show last week when he was selected as the show’s new “random.” That’s apparently Generation Y-speak for a recurring, but temporary, guest.

 Winning the “random” spot wasn’t a completely easy ride for the 19-year-old psychology  and acting major who (this will be a shock to Baristanet readers) got a lot of anonymous hatred from Gethard’s Twitter audience in the run-up to last week’s show.

He drew trash talk for being too handsome, too smug, being an actor and being in college — or as Meyer says “being a fresh-faced college kid” — and a lot more unmentionable things as well.

“It was very fun for them to hate me,” Meyer said in a telephone interview last night. “It was rough at some points. But I kind of needed it for this awful business.”

He says he didn’t really take it personally because “I haven’t been on the show enough for it to be personal.” And, “People said a lot of nice things too.”

By “this awful business,” Meyer is referring to show business in general. Like Tom Cruise, Meyer got his start on the Glen Ridge stage, where he was usually the leading man — starring in everything from the Gaslamp Players’ production of “Footloose” to the Glen Ridge High School Drama Club’s musical version of “Macbeth.” After taking a year off from the stage in his freshman year at Pace, Meyer got back to acting this fall.

Those who have watched him for years in the Ridgewood Avenue Auditorium may enjoy watching him in a totally different, unscripted Wayne’s World-ish milieu. At least I did. But then (full disclosure) I’ve known Andrew for years, and drove him to a lot of those early acting classes at Essex Youth Theater.

You can see him tonight, Wednesday Oct. 19, when the Chris Gethard show streams live at 11 p.m. here — or watch a video later.


  1. POSTED BY doglover  |  October 19, 2011 @ 10:37 am

    We know Andrew from town….a wonderful, talented kid from a great family. So happy for him, have fun Andrew!!!

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