T-Mobile Withdraws Cell Tower Application

This just in from Bloomfield councilman Nick Joanow, and No Broad Street Cell Tower: T-Mobile has withdrawn its application to erect a cell phone tower on Broad Street.

Joanow forwarded this email to his supporters. It was originally sent from the No Broad Street Cell Tower Group.

Good Morning!!!

Mr. Pryor, T-Mobile Lawyer has notified the Bloomfield Zoning Board that they have withdrawn their application without prejudice. Enclosed is the letter submitted to the Bloomfield Zoning Board.

The Bloomfield Zoning Board is holding a special meeting on Thursday October 20, 2011 at 7:00pm Bloomfield Town Hall – 2nd Floor to discuss the cell tower. Please join us at this meeting!

Thank you all for your continued support on fighting the T-Mobile Cell Tower at the Brookside Garden Center.

Don’t forget us on Facebook – open to everyone: https://www.facebook.com/pages/No-Broad-Street-Cell-Tower/116652061746229?sk=wall

Read the letter from T-Mobile here.

T-Mobile’s attorney’s letter asked that the application be withdrawn “without prejudice,” meaning that T-Mobile could come back at a future date with the same application.

The controversial proposal, which had been strongly opposed by nearby residents, would have resulted in a 120-foot monopole being constructed at a busy corner surrounded by residences and other businesses.

Many residents attended every Zoning Board meeting pertaining to the application, and questioned T-Mobile’s witnesses about specific concerns. These included the possibility of underground oil storage tanks and contamination on the grounds of the property, which once was a gas station; the effects of the frequent flooding of the Third River; the possibility of ice forming on the pole in the winter and falling on pedestrians below; and the danger imposed by the possible fall zone around the monopole. They also questioned whether there were other more suitable locations to place the structure.

The Zoning Board will vote on the dismissal of the application at a special meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 20, in the Bloomfield Council Chambers. T-Mobile’s attorney is not expected to appear in person, given that the application is being withdrawn. The public will be allowed to speak and ask questions about the procedural aspects of the application prior to the vote, but not about the merits of the application itself.

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  1. The No Broad Street Cell Tower Group would like to thank everyone for their support! We sent the above email to our group this mornnig! The Bloomfield Zoning Board will have a special meeting on Thursday October 20th at 7:00pm at the Town Hall to discuss the cell tower application. Please join us!

  2. The meeting on the 20th will be used to announce that a double-secret meeting on the 19th was held to disallow ATT from withdrawing their application. ATT has been called and told that their tower has been approved anyway, and if they don’t want it, Mayor McCarthy will award it to another cellular company. There will be a tower! There must be a tower! Mayor want tower!

  3. Excellent news! This is what happens when people get involved in their towns and believe in their mission. Instead of sitting around complaining about what happens “to you” STAND UP AND SPEAK UP!

    You can fight City Hall.

    Great job Maria Probst and the rest of your group.

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