These Are A Few Of Bobbi Brown’s Favorite Things

Jo Malone Grapefruit Candles and Bonne Bell Lip Smacker. 3Sixty Cycling and peppermint hand sanitizer. Funky Korean bathhouses and shiatsu massage. These are a few of her favorite things…

Montclair mom and Beauty queen Bobbi Brown shares all her favorites with The Wall Street Journal, including what she’s wearing on her nails for fall (Essie Wicked or OPI Black Cherry Chutney) and who does her hair. Brown gives a big shout out to her hairdresser Eric Dominguez, and says he has his own hairstyling salon in Montclair. But where?

Tell us some of your favorite things and do you have any in common with Bobbi…

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  1. I have a grapefruit Jo Malone candle in my bathroom, but my favorite Essie color is chinchilly. Should I make a visit to Eric?

  2. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a girl crush on Bobbi. Love her makeup, her style, that I’ve seen her buying jeans at Gap, everything.

  3. Bentley & Rolls, are a few of her favorite things…
    as are 20 Ct. rings… jst a few of her newest play things….

    She is a SUPERSTAR, (among women) …. I never heared of here, until I
    came to this site.

  4. OK so we’re riffing off of Rogers and Hammerstein here, as per the heading.
    I’d say Bobbi Brown and Julie Andrews are both natural beauties, so the comparison is reasonable.
    But does this open up the door for the Barsitaposters to deliberate the relative merits of Christopher Plummer and Steven Plofker?

  5. …or did Steven Plofker recommend Christopher Plummer to connect the toilets over at Christopher (Plummer) Court?

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