Favorite Things Around $30 or Less – Montclair’s So. Fullerton Ave.

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Have you ever heard this? “Wow, thank you, I love it. It is just the right color and size, I’m sure I will use it all of the time, really it is just perfect — really perfect….did you save the receipt?” Well that is what you get for shopping at Crap-Mart. Now, if you are going tell me downtown Montclair is not beautiful or that nothing is affordable, I will tell you that is simply not true. South Fullerton is full of gorgeous little shops with lovely, friendly, knowledgeable owners with all kinds of QUALITY gift items for around $30 and I have done the legwork for you ( after visiting these stores half of my holiday shopping is done). All I ask for is one box of THE BEST TRUFFLES IN THE WORLD and you don’t even have to wrap them for me. Continue Reading

Tricky Tray or Bloomfield’s Bukowski Shelter for Animals Tomorrow (12/1)

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2011 3:17pm

The Township of Bloomfield John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals is holding its second annual Tricky Tray tomorrow, Thursday, December 1 at The Chandelier, 340 Franklin Avenue, Belleville, from 5:30 to 11:30 p.m.

Tickets are $45 each, and include dinner (served at 7 p.m.) and valet parking. There will be a full service cash bar; soda, coffee and tea are included with the ticket price. All proceeds benefit the NTNN Animal Support Fund for the animal shelter.
There will be about 300 prizes available, including an iPad2, a Wii system, two Denali bicycles (one mountain, one street), two Keurig brewing machines, and a flat screen TV. The prize tickets are priced as follows: Continue Reading

Two Cats–One Missing, One Found

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A family from Montclair living on Gates Avenue, near Harrison and Fullerton, reported that their cat, Jelly Bean, has been missing since November 24. He is a two-year-old grey tabby with a purple collar.

A reader from Bloomfield writes that a calico cat has been found wandering in the vicinity of Friendly’s, in the Brookdale section. The cat is very timid and appears that she is not used to being outside. (No photo at this time, sorry).

If you know anything about either of these cats, please email [email protected]

Introducing Mr. Jingle

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You better watch out, you better not cry, because Mr. Jingle, man-about-Baristaville, will be keeping an eye on boys and girls big and small this December.

Mr. Jingle loves hot cocoa, coffee, cake, Beef Bourguignon, Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra. But most of all, he loves boys and girls who appreciate everything they have big and small. He’s very good friends with Holly, you could say they have a special connection, and can be found at her home enjoying cocktails on cold nights.

Continue Reading

Acappello Sings to Your Tastebuds

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First cousins Dardan Mati, Ben Husenaj and Naz Husenaj were singing a familiar business reprise when they opened Acappello on Bloomfield Ave a month ago. The restaurant, named with a nod to the Wellmont Theater next door, is their fifth restaurant in New Jersey, following Cara Mia in Millburn, La Campagna in Morristown, La Catena in Bridgewater and La Catena 22 in Roselle Park. Continue Reading

Montclair’s SVPA Presents “Showcase 2012: A Night at the Round Table”

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The Montclair High School of Visual and Performing Arts continues its tradition of presenting an end of year showcase of student talent. Last year it was all about songs of bringing the songs of British musical theater to the stage. This year the show, Showcase 2012: A Night at the Round Table, centers on the famed Algonquin Round Table, a celebrated group of New York writers, critics, actors and wits. It is a trip through the 1920s, with songs like “Fascinatin’ Rhythm,” “Putting on the Ritz” and “I Got Rhythm” alternating between solos and large company numbers that feature the singing and dancing talents of 30 MHS students.

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Free Parking in Bloomfield

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Bloomfield parking meters were bagged on Monday and will remain so until January 2. It seemed early to me to see free parking even before December, but Bloomfield Parking Authority executive director Karen Hochman says the free holiday parking always rolls out around this time.

Montclair will bag meters between Dec. 9 and Dec. 26. Both towns warn shoppers that they’ll strictly enforce two-hour limits. Continue Reading

Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism

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I have a superhero inside my head.
I call him Chicken Boy.
I love to eat chicken fingers, ketchup and French fries and then he comes out.
People sometimes look at me when I make my superhero sound.
That’s because they can’t see my super hero powers.
Doctors say I have autism which is a fancy word…
for me living inside my own brain.

Gregory G. Allen, Managing Director of Westminster Arts Center at Bloomfield College, has a godson with autism. Greg and Gabe spend (almost) every Wednesday at TGIF’s eating dinner “Most children with autism need a set schedule where they know exactly what is going to happen. And let’s just say we don’t veer off of that Wednesday night of eating at Friday’s where he can get his chicken fingers, French fries and red velvet cake.” explains Greg. One night at dinner, Gabe’s sister Natalie (a freshman in high school) and Greg were watching Gabe and started thinking of a super hero named Chicken Boy and a children’s picture book idea was born.

Greg noticed that most children’s books about autism are from the perspective of a sibling or a friend and never from the mind of child. He expalins, “This book (while conceived by myself and Natalie) is told through his voice as a very basic attempt of a child with autism to try and alleviate the concerns of other children around him because of what they perceive as ‘strange’. The story shows that children with autism are just like other children, capable of imaginations full of wonderful pretend games.”

Continue Reading

Silent Protest on Gray Street

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The anti-PSE&G banners are waving from houses on Gray Street, and a spray painted message greets visitors turning onto the street from Glen Ridge: “NJSA 48:3 PSE&G IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. SHOW FINAL PLAN [illegible] OR LEAVE.” Residents were tipped that PSE&G trucks would show up today — and they did — but workers say they are just there to fix a gas leak. Indeed, a strong gas smell did permeate the air on the Montclair side of the street. Continue Reading

New Report Shows Kids Are Bad for Your Health

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I’ve always believed my kids were draining the life out of me, but now I have proof. A report issued this month confirmed what I have long contended: Kids are hazardous to your health.

The study put out by Televox, a software company specializing in health and business communication, reported that 46% of parents across the country say “their overall personal health is not in good shape.” The report points to the over-scheduled, fast-paced lifestyle that has parents shuffling from school activities to sports to music lessons to birthday parties all while trying to squeeze in homework, housework and paid work.

Certainly no one would suggest parenting was ever easy, but the demands today seem, well, crazy. And I ask you, my fellow health-failing friends, is it not enough to birth them, feed them, clothe them, bathe them, teach them, groom them, and generally attend to their every need? Now they want years from our lives?

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