Calico Cat Missing Near Vicinity of Montclair High School

A reader writes that a 7-year-old female calico cat named Sugar (on the right in the photo) has been missing since November 14 in the vicinity of Montclair High School (near Fullerton Avenue and Park Street). If you have seen Sugar, please contact

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  1. This is not a command performance, peeps. I weigh in when I have something to say.

    I know Sugar. And I know Peanuts, too. Peanuts is the one on the left. Sugar’s sister. She knows something, I’m sure. The two of them are thick as thieves, and about as trustworthy, if you ask me. They look sweet, but they are manipulative as hell. They were involved in some garbage scam a while back, reselling old fish bones from the dumpsters. In cahoots with the raccoons. It didn’t go well for Sammy, who disappeared into the sewer system one day never to be seen again. Sammy is a raccoon, btw, but a nice guy, whose first mistake was falling for the BS that Sugar and Peanuts dish out. They start with the compliments and the adoration and the flattery, and then before you know it, the tables turn, and you’re doing stuff you never dreamed in a million years you’d do. But I’m talking too much.

    I don’t happen to know exactly where Sugar is. I have an idea, but that’s all I’m going to say. Don’t want to get involved. That’s how I’ve managed to keep my hide this long around here, by staying detached. I’m sure she’s fine, though. Oh yeah, she’s fine all right.

  2. Everyone should definitely pass the word on to their friends/family to check baristanet/pets if they have lost their pet or found one. It is a wonderful venue to reunite pets to their owners. Props to Baristanet. Shelters should put up a website doing the same thing, great way to get the word around. Too many ppl lose their pets,cats especially, and they could be as close as a few blocks away.

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