CARS Late Night Delivery Coming To Montclair

Craving bacon cheese fries at 2 a.m.? As seen on a Valley Road storefront, Montclair is getting an outpost CAR’s Late Night Delivery (the business opened in Ramsey and seems to cater to college kids with late night cravings of the heart-attack inducing kind).

CAR’s Late Night Delivery began in the summer of 2008 in Ramsey, NJ to satisfy all your late night cravings. Since then, CAR’s has delivered delicious “fat” sandwiches, milkshakes and other great late night snacks.

Among the late night snacks — a build your own Mac n’ Cheese.

Tell us — what is your late night craving?

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  1. Where on Valley Rd? It would be very nice to have a food option open after 10pm! Although this could also be very dangerous…

  2. May I assume there’ll be no extra charge for the spike in student cholesterol readings?

    (And have you ever tried to figure out the fat and calorie contents of the “specials” offered by the grease trucks at Rutgers? Whew!)

  3. Cheese23 — it’s in the strip mall adjacent to Nauna’s in the former Great China space (I pass it all the time going to School of Rock). They are taking their time — Montclair Times wrote a mention of it back in August.

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