Kristin Wald: Get Out and See the Leaves

A day or two ago, my daughter must have picked up a dozen huge yellow leaves from the ground around the back of Watchung Plaza. There were still plenty left on the trees, and the light coming through was lovely.

Just this morning, outside my front door, I was greeted by a carpet of Japanese Maple leaves thanks to my neighbor’s beautiful tree.

Gorgeous! I’m so lucky to have neighbors with trees that give us color and not limbs on our roof. Here’s what I see in the spring on the other side: Magnolias. Both the Japanese Maple and the Magnolia lost some branches in the recent snow. Thankfully, it looks like they’ll both survive.

There’s still lots of color to be seen; autumn isn’t done with us yet. Get out and find it!

Kristin Wald, a regular contributor, is constantly finding cool things in her “Glad I Saw It” feature on This Weblog is Unique. Just Like They All Are.


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