Montclair Students Nationally Recognized for Academic Achievements

Monday’s Montclair Board of Education meeting had many contentious issues to discuss, but before the surplus and benefits talk began, several Montclair students were recognized for various academic merits and achievements.

First, four Glenfield Middle School students, together with their Mathematics teacher Ms. Hurwich, received certificates of achievement from the Board of Education and Dr. Alvarez.  Lia Pagnotta, Lila Taylor, Natalie Rechan and Isabella Zorich were honored for their perseverance in challenging an error in the publication Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. A year after they correctly solved “The Tiling Problem” in the mathematics magazine, the students were rewarded with their own work being published in the same publication.  Read more at the school’s website.

Montclair High School Seniors were also given commendations for academic achievement at the November 21st Board of Education meeting.  Five seniors, Spencer Bokat-Lindell, Axel Hellman, Aidan Kaplan, Anne Kim, and Brigid Mulroe, were awarded commendations for reaching semifinalist status in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Competition.  Students reach this achievement through high PSAT scores and strong academic performance.  Hopefully in February we’ll hear that all five have advanced as finalists.

Sara Meretab was named as a Semifinalist in the 2012 National Achievement Scholarship Competition, . Semifinalists are the highest-scoring program participants in the states that constitute each region.  Seven Montclair High School students were also designated as

Zariah Chappell

Outstanding Participants in the National Achievement Scholarship Program. They were Zariah Chappell, Lucille Desouza, Sarah Dillard, Jordan Ellison, Drisana Hughes, Evan Janifer, and Sarah-Nicole Leflore. These students scored in the top 3% of more than 160 thousand participants in the program.

Finally, three seniors were recognized as recipients in the National Hispanic Recognition Program this year.  They were Samuel Alvarado-Silver, Alexandra Benya, and Gabriel Gladstone-Groth.  These students were recognized out of a pool of over 235 thousand for their high PSAT scores.

Congratulations to all of these students, and keep up the hard work!

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