qba Puts Truck Up For Sale on Craigslist

About a month ago, qba Cuban Kitchen put a sign in its Watchung Plaza window look for a business partner. Last Friday, it tweeted the same message out. But yesterday, owner Lynna Martinez put a classified on Craigslist, offering to sell qba’s food truck, which preceded the restaurant, for $44,999.

“I’ve run out of working capital,” says Martinez. “I’m just looking to raise the capital I need or divest.”

Although Martinez says, “I always keep hope up,” she says the partnership inquiries she received in the past month either didn’t bring enough capital or experience to the table. “I don’t have any money now,” she says. “I was undercapitalized to begin with. I think I just waited too long to ask for help.”

So, barring any 11th hour rescue, Martinez — who invested “almost five years of my life and almost seven firgures” — plans to sell the truck to help dig out from her bills. “It’s hard to say goodbye to this whole thing. ”

A longtime staple of the food truck scene, qba set down roots in Watchung Plaza last winter.



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  1. That’s too bad. While I did feel there was some room for improvement, I liked the concept and certainly hoped she succeeded. Starting one’s own business is a big risk and takes a lot of work.

  2. The claim by Ms. Martinez that she put “almost seven figures” (whatever the quality of her food, I’ve never tried it) is a bit hard to believe. It is a small truck, after all, with very little in the way of fixed costs save for food.

  3. I’m sad to hear about this. I just recently moved to the neighborhood near Watchung plaza and I had lunch three times at the restaurant before it was closed. It was a welcome change from the plethora sandwhich shops that line the street. I hope something as interesting (and affordable) moves into that spot.

  4. From descriptions on another thread of qba’s actual restaurant premises, it still sounds as if the claimed “almost seven figures” invested in the operation s quite a stretch, caterwaul.

    And it’s spelled “cathar,” with two a’s, thank you very much.

    Both nearby Passaic and North Bergen have several Cuban restaurants, some of which are quite nicely done and evew have liquor licenses.

  5. Cathar, what are the names of the restaurants? Perhaps I’ll check them out sometime as I like Cuban food, but think Cuban Pete’s is overrated and way too long a wait.
    Also, apparently a new Cuban place may be opening up not far from Nauna’s. Any inside info on that b-net?

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