Setting the Turkey Table

So you have been picking up the magazines while in line at the grocery store, thinking about Thanksgiving. You are imagining loads of time to plan a menu and a gorgeous table–perhaps you will set the table in a lovely tone-on-tone with taupe, twine and wheat colors like the table you saw in a magazine. You will spend time planning every last detail.

Maybe this year you will even blow it all out and serve a soup course. Yes, this is your year! But…there are just a few problems. Thanksgiving is less than a week away and you have about 889 things to do between now and then. That tone-on-tone table setting you were dreaming of will be chock full-o-gravy and red wine that Uncle Hank spills every flipping year (that guy cannot hold his liquor).

So here you are, 11th-hour Suzie or Johnny thinking, “Gee I wish Holly could do all of this for me.” Well, we both know that ain’t gonna happen. But I will tell you where I drew my inspiration from this year. One word: PARCEL. Nancy Laboz, owner of this exquisite Montclair shop, is an incredibly talented woman. She created all of the napkin rings seen here and the place cards to go with them. I created the place settings. It was both fun and easy. If you want run-of- the-mill items, hit a Big Box and Beyond store. If you are looking for something new and interesting that will be a conversation piece as well as decoration, Parcel is where you need to go.

From Woodland candies’ 1930’s curtain tie backs (use them on a napkin, pictured top, or on a place card,  then turn them into a lapel pin) to funky Gurly brand turkey candles, even drunk Uncle Hank will love your table this year–before he passes out with his hand in his pants.

  • Napkin ring kits with matching place card (personalization can be done in store) or assembled $6 each.
  • Metal 1930’s curtain tie backs shown on napkin and place cards $11 each.
  • Wooden Santos hands $10 each.

All available at Parcel.

Tell us about your favorite place setting and/or your most entertaining family member in the comments below and win a $30 gift certificate to Parcel.

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  1. Last year we went to Pals Cabin in West Orange.
    This year we are going to go to “ABOVE” in South Orange.

    I am not a big fan of going out…but all members of our twin families
    have gone to their final resting place(s) so…it’s way too much trouble
    to do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at home, for 3 people.
    If our son goes to his girlfriend’s family then it’s just me & my wife…
    SOOooo we go out, and leave the mess for them to clean up. Plus my wife can tolerate turkey about 2 times a year, 6 months apart. 🙂

  2. Napkin rings? Table settings? That’s what Thanksgiving has become? A Martha Stewart Fantasyland? Please.

    It’s about giving thanks. It’s about FAMILY. It’s about being grateful for what you have that too much of the world envies, regardless of how little you think you have. Did I mention it’s about FAMILY?

    The most memorable Thanksgiving dinners I’ve experienced in my umpteen decades do not center around napkin rings or table settings but about who was present and the conversations and fun we had. It was about the food and the love and traditions that went into the preparation. I’m Italian so no holiday dinner started without an antipasto and pasta course. Napkin rings? Table settings? We had our best dishes and flatware and glassware and the ones we loved were with us and for that we were grateful.

    It’s about giving thanks, not Martha Stewart.

  3. Family??????? NAAAHHH…It’s all about napkin rings. I am going to a friend’s house for dinner, and if those napkin rings aren’t just perfect…

  4. Karen,

    I think we can all agree that Thanksgiving is a day for thanks and those we love. And making the celebration special is part of that. Setting the table with your best and special items is part of saying that the occasion is special. It just adds to the fact that the day is not an ordinary day.

  5. Gurl you are in!
    This was so fun to create I’m glad you all enjoyed the pictures and ideas. I was in parcel today and Nancy said people have been coming into the store asking about items they saw in the slide show. I love that.

    Karen, Thanksgiving may be about family to you but it is about many things to many people. Not everyone has family around or that they want to be with. To me Thanksgiving it is about being thankful. I am thankful to have store like Parcel and to the ability to create this post as well as countless other things.

    There are so many things in the world to be outraged about Karen. Napkin rings should not be one of those things. Perhaps you should be outraged at the pilgrims…..or do you not know how they paid off thier debt?

    How about a week of being happy, grateful and not pissed off and outraged?

  6. I love Thanksgiving, the warm fuzzies shared with family and friends and the signal that “The Season” has begun. My earliest memories are peeking at the special table my mother set with her best dishes and fancy stuff. It’s nice that there are so many more options to make a table festive. It adds to the charm of this day.

    Oh and about Martha Stewart. She took all that is homemaking, honored it and raised the status of the creative female with so many wonderful ideas. I’ll never be a Martha but I sure like the beauty and comfort that she suggests (often not expensive) for the home. I’m from the “bra burning” era and value the uppity woman but I can still admire all that is beautiful for the home.

    Nice going Holly

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