A Message from Alex Torpey

South Orange Village President Alex Torpey is reminding South Orange residents of three ways to give back to the community this year. On his website, he suggests:

1. Give Blood. 30 minutes can give someone else life.  Find nearby locations to do so here.

2. Support the Squad. And the dozens of volunteers who donate hundreds of hours every week to keep South Orange safe. Donate to the South Orange Rescue Squad here.

3. Find a community group to get involved in. Spend just a few hours a month helping to make South Orange a better place. From SOPAC, to YouthNet, to Clean Sweep, there is a way for you get involved. Full list here.

Watch Torpey discuss his ideas for giving back in this special video:

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  1. Serve your community. Donate a microphone to Village President Alex Torpey.

    I suppose, for some, if the state becomes your church, you might as well have sermons.

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