Carjackers Arrested In Montclair After Helicopter Search

Last week a helicopter was hovering over Montclair’s South End and Bloomfield searching for the perpetrators of a carjacking incident involving a man forced into a car against his will. The search and arrest involved Essex County K-9 units, Glen Ridge Police, Verona Police, New Jersey Transit Police and a New Jersey State Police helicopter. Today a police report confirms the story and provides details of the arrests.  Three suspects, all of Newark, are now in custody. Two were chased down by police, and the third turned himself in the next day after he had been identified through police investigation.  Here is the report:

On 12/15/11 at approximately 10:10 PM, police responded to the area of Sherman Street and Pine Street on a report of an individual being forced into a vehicle against his will. Upon arrival, police located the victim, a 39 year old Montclair male, who stated that he had just been carjacked. The victim told police that he had just arrived home and was parking his Nissan Maxima on Sherman Street when he was approached by three black males, each approximately twenty years old.
The victim stated that one suspect approached the passenger’s side and began tapping on the window with what he believed to be a handgun. The other two males approached the driver’ side and ordered the victim out of the vehicle, shouting at him to unlock the doors. The victim exited the vehicle with an iPhone in his hand. The suspects took the phone and demanded the key to the vehicle. The victim accidentally dropped the key in the vehicle, which set off an argument with the suspects. One of the suspects then proceeded to strike the victim twice in the face with an object that the victim believed to be a handgun. The victim then saw that one of the suspects was holding what appeared to be a silver revolver.
The suspects then pulled the victim’s jacket over his head and attempted to push him back into the Maxima, saying, “Get in the car.” The victim curled up on the ground and the suspects eventually stopped attempting to drag him into the vehicle. The suspects then entered the vehicle and fled.

Shortly thereafter, police located the Maxima traveling east on Glenridge Avenue before pulling into the lot of a Glenridge Avenue apartment complex. The three occupants abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. One suspect, later identified as Alshaquan Brown, 22, of Newark, was apprehended in an alley way on Glenridge Avenue. An officer injured his hands during the foot pursuit.
Police continued searching for the other two suspects and observed another individual who matched the provided description on Glenridge Avenue. Another foot pursuit ensued, with the suspect jumping fences and running into the glen near the train tracks. Officers apprehended the suspect in the area of the glen near the Bay Street Train Station. The suspect was identified as Johnathon Williams, 20, of Newark.
Essex County K-9 units, Glen Ridge Police, Verona Police, New Jersey Transit Police and a New Jersey State Police helicopter responded to the scene to assist in locating the suspects. Police were unable to locate the third suspect or the weapon that night.
The following morning, detectives began a daylight search of the area in an attempt to locate the weapon. During the search, detectives were able to find a fully loaded silver .44 Magnum handgun in the glen near Glenridge Avenue. The gun was secured and taken as evidence.
As a result of further investigation, detectives were able to identify Asiah Willis as the third suspect in this incident. Willis, 18, of Newark, turned himself in to police at Montclair Police Headquarters on 12/16/11 at approximately 10:10 AM. All three suspects were charged with carjacking involving an injury, criminal attempt kidnapping, unlawful possession of a firearm, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. Brown was also charged with receiving stolen property after he was found to have proceeds from a theft in his possession.
Bail for Williams and Willis was set at $100,000. Bail for Brown was set at $150,000.

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  1. Heard the chopper that night for a long time…it was definitely hovering. Reminded me of the good old days of living in Orlando…sherrif’s choppers were out all of the time with the infrared cameras…creepy!

  2. Why can’t these people stay in their own towns and commit these crimes? Why do they need to come to Montclair and do this. They always come from Newark, Irvington, etc…. I am so tired of this, they need to stay in their own area. I am sure there are people to rob and car jack there.

  3. Cuddles, I have a friend who lives in East Orange and years ago she told me that a neighbor was “bragging” about her son stealing cars. She told my friend not to worry, he only steals them in Montclair.

  4. I once used the words “these people” in the same context and was raked over the coals for it by local defenders of the status quo. You’re not supposed to notice that certain people view our town as a theme park for crime and drug bazaar, apparently infinitely more entertaining than the towns that they have worked so diligently to destroy.

    I was driving in town late last night and pleased to see a police car take notice and follow me for a while. They are on the job. If they weren’t, things would get a lot worse around here quickly.

  5. Ah, how sweet. Cuddles and deadeye drinking chicken soup together.

    By “I was driving” deadeye surely meant “I was being driven” or “I was taking the [insert expensive sports / vintage car here] out for a spin.”

  6. You go where the money is, Cuddles–there’s more money in Montclair (including as “money” expensive cars, consumer electronics, etc.) than in Newark. Also, Montclair probably represents a softer target–wouldn’t surprise me if the average Newarker is somewhat more likely than the average Montclairion to resist forceably, and if Newark police may be a bit quicker to resort to force, too, than police whose main job sometimes seems to be giving out tickets when cars don’t stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Just because someone’s a criminal doesn’t mean he’s stupid and can’t figure out where to target.

  7. way to be totally ignorant cuddles. I’d bet that there are people living in montclair that have committed carjackings and/or are very capable of doing so (certainly not on YOUR side of town, though, i’m sure). and Livesinglenridge is right, it’s a lot easier to jack a nice “cuddley” whiny montclairian than a person from “newark, irvington, etc.”… “those people” might be a little more street smart. People who commit crimes can come from anywhere, so lets stop perpetuating the stereotype that they are ONLY from “newark, irvington, etc.”

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