Christmas Tree: Real or Fake?

I’m no Martha Stewart, and I can prove it. Just check out my fake Christmas tree from Kmart, at left. It’s barely three feet tall, and my kids made six of the seven ornaments. Around my house, there’s a pronounced lack of garlands, wreaths, nativity scenes and candles.

I’m no Grinch. I love Christmas. It’s just that decking the halls isn’t cheap, and after six year of either moving or giving birth, I am fresh out of holiday supplies. I think I’ll build up inventory slowly at the post-holiday sales. But this year, I really want a decent tree! Even if I have to find another job to pay for it…

At Costco yesterday, the 7-foot artificial trees started at $279. The real trees around that size cost at least $45–and those do not come with delivery, tree stands or lights. That brings me to my next dilemma. I’m highly allergic to real pine needles while my husband can’t bear the thought of living in harmony with a fake tree.

Plastic Christmas trees are not that bad. I grew up with one that I loved. So I’m heading to that Fortunoff Christmas store on Route 46 today to check them out. I just might bring one home–price be damned–and set it up before my husband gets home from his business trip. We’ll make more ornaments. We’ll string up a cheap popcorn garland (that the dog will eat, but oh well). We’ll be as frugal as possible this year if we splurge on this item. Because fake or not, I really want a tree.

Are you decoration-challenged like me? Or is your house all dolled up? And most importantly, what’s your take on trees?

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  1. I’m not ashamed. I like fake trees better. There, I said it. The entire process of dragging a real tree into the house and dealing with the messy pine needles, takes the fun out of Christmas for me.

  2. Paper trees all the way!

    I do like the faux long needled pine garland. The mess of the real garland on the stairs is too much for me to handle.

  3. I’m in my second year with a fake tree, and I’m very happy. We have a real wreath, so I do get a whiff of pine as I walk in the door.

    And if you need some ornament ideas, click on my name for today’s blog post. 🙂

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