Donate to the Salvation Army–with Your Phone

How many times have you walked into Kings or ShopRite during the holiday season and passed the smiling, bell-ringing Salvation Army volunteer seeking donations outside, only to duck your head sheepishly because you have no loose coins to toss into the red kettle?

Now, you don’t need that loose change to donate to the venerable organization. The Salvation Army is making it easier with Online Red Kettle, which accepts donations online. You can also form company or group kettles to encourage others to donate.

Donating online may not evoke the biting cold and the tinkling bell that usually accompany (pleasantly, I like to think) the tossing of coins outside of Kings, but rest assured your money is still going to a good place.

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  1. When you say “smiling, bell-ringing Salvation Army volunteer,” are you sure that they are *volunteers*?

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