Happy New Year, Baby!


Do you feel like they just aren’t writing music they way they use to? Don’t believe it? Well pick up on this jive from Johnny Otis’s “Happy New Year, Baby” circa 1947: “I’m going to give up chasin’ women, whiskey drinking too, stop my bally-hooing and mistreating you. Happy New Year baby, Happy New Year to you…….If you love me sweet and pretty I’ll buy you a big brass bed, if I catch you cheating I’ll fill you full of lead…”  How can you say “no” to an offer like that?

Here is my New Years Eve Playlist:

  • Happy New Year, Baby – Johnny Otis
  • What are you Doing New Year’s Eve? -(pick one) Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald or Dick Hayes and the Les Paul Trio
  • Happy New Year-Nat King Cole ( a total downer of a song, thanks Nat for killing the party)
  • Hello Mr. New Year- The Coolbreezers
  • Bringing in a Brand New Year-Charles Brown
  • Ringing in a Brand New Year- Billy Ward and his Dominoes
  • Auld Lang Syne- Mitch Miller and his Orchestra ( my favorite version)
  • ABBA-Happy New Year
  • U2- New Year’s Day

Happy 90th Johnny Otis (four days late) and thanks for  writing one of my favorite songs of all time. I believe one of my New Year’s resolutions is to start using “ballyhooing” far more often.

I’m sure there are dozens of songs we can add to this list. So, music fanatics of Baristaville what did I miss?

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  1. Happy New Year to all the Baristanet folks who have livened up 2011 for old Spiro.
    Wife and I to watch a yet-to-be-determined black and white film in bed, most likely something classic from the 1930’s or 1940’s.

  2. Can we add “(It’s Just) Another Lonely New Year’s Eve” by the Skyliners to the playlist? Kind of sums it up for msny folks, after all.

    Also “After New Year’s” by some other doo-wop group whose name I forget, but which was recently remade by the great Kenny Vance & The Plaontones.

    And a grand, healthy wise prosperous 2012 to all.

  3. Also, sindce it qualifies as a New Year’s song now that I thinkj of it, “Matty Groves,” perhaps most notably by Fairport Convention.

  4. This is SO typical of the good folks at Baristanet…

    I thought PERHAPS we’d start the new year off differently… Maybe all the subjectiveness and pettiness of these “posts” would end in 2012.

    I was wrong…

    How, just how, can one create a list of New Year’s songs without the late Dan Folgelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne”? Huh? Tell me, how? How can one even think of New Year’s without:

    “Met my old lover in the grocery store,” and ends with, “The snow turned into rain”?

    Sure the song takes place on Christmas Eve, but who cares about facts, it has “LANG SYNE” in its title, so therefore, it qualifies… And makes me cry, like all good 70’s songs sung by guys with shaggy hair and beards should.



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