The Montclair Post Office is All Out of Madonnas

Don’t go looking for any Holiday Baubles or Madonna of the Candelabra 44’s at the Main Montclair Post Office: they’re all out. But don’t they mean Christmas stamps — if they still have Hanukkah and Kwanzaa left?

Oh and by the way, where’s the movement to keep the Ch in Chanukah? Or right, here it is — over on Facebook. Chappy Cholidays everyone!

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  1. This sign shows the foolishness of “Holiday.”

    And why many feel as if there is a “war” on Christmas.

    Are there really folks so upset with “Christmas” that signs like this make them feel better?

  2. I sent out several Hanukkah cards bearing Christmas stamps as that was what came out of the machines.
    It did not bother me at all. I wonder how many would send out Christmas Cards, bearing Hanukkah atamps on the envelope?
    BTW, there were 2 different Hanukkah stamps this year. Did anyone besides me notice that ?

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at who or what was on a stamp in my life, and I wouldn’t care if Satan was on it as long as it means my letter will get where it is meant to go.

    Do people really care about this stuff?

  4. Do people really care cro? A few posters had their knockers in a knot over the Christmas tree so I can just imagine their angst over federal religious Christmas stamps. I myself made a purposeful selection this year and chose the lovely religious image for all my cards this year for my atheist friends and believers alike.

  5. Is this the first time you’ve realized that folks like stamps, cro?

    Ah, yes. I care. This year’s Christmas stamp was Madonna of the Candelabra by Raphael. It was quite lovely when opened to find a Christmas greeting from the prof family featuring the little prof and his long hair.

  6. Ahhhh! The clear (inevitable) return of a certain kind of news day!

    I’m somewhat surprised, however, that the Baristas were able to resist using a headline which referred (as per Holy Scripture) to the PO being out of “virgins” as opposed to madonnas.

    Really, croiagusanam, yours above was an unnecessarily crotchety post. (Perhaps you watched the recent showing of “The Man Who Came To Dinner” on TCM?) Many people delight in noting what varieties of stamps adorn their mail. Why, it’s supposedly even how many people get into stamp collecting in the first place.

  7. Love this sign. Can you get it on a stamp?

    Really, cro, you would use a Satan stamp? You godless bastard.

    Dag, Those must be some knockers to be knot-able.

  8. Nothing better looking then a hand cancelled holiday stamp!
    The GR post office will hand cancel your card or letter at the counter with a GR mark.
    I can’t stand those generic ink jet smeared jobs the regional sorting offices use! It will be interesting to see what we get when they privatize the PO.

  9. Well prof, since you live on the doorstep of a city with dozens of wonderful galleries and great havens for art, it is of course understandable that you derive your art “fix” from postage stamps. So be it.

    “Crotchety”? From baristanets number one, um, “crotch”? Feel free to “delight” in the stamps adorning YOUR mail, cathar. Though I suspect that those deliveries consist entirely of bills and offers for subscription renewals to BIKER magazine.

    And yes, ‘roo, I’d use a Satan stamp. Even a Mayor Fried one, should the PO issue same.

  10. A tip, prof.

    Perhaps over your extended academic break you can take the little prof, long hair and all, on an adventure. Hop on the ACELA and speed down to Baltimore, and point out to the youngster the REAL painting.

    He’ll be thrilled, you’ll get a warm feeling inside and a chance to have some crabcakes, and the long-suffering Mrs. Prof will have a wonderful day alone.

    Everybody wins!!

  11. This is unfortunate for people who are behind and only getting their Christmas cards out now. They do walk among us.

  12. I have a jones for avatars. It started a long time ago during my mail art days, a ton of AKAs. I need to change my persona as if I’m on the lam. It fools me into thinking my life is with purpose, it’s not boring. I awake each day with a new outlook on life….huh?
    Anyway, happy upcoming new year birthday to you Mr. Roo, make the day surrender to your longitudinal marsupial life!
    I just heard today that the Chimp in the Tarzan movies with Johnny Weissmuller just died today….Cheeta was in his 80’s. You got’em beat man at 102!

  13. Why thank you, PAZ. You are probably the only person in all of Baristaville who has noticed my anniversary. I will only (god willing) be 101. Please don’t rush me, youngun’.

  14. I confess I knew all along that you meant knickers, Dag.

    By the way, I used to play tennis with a bloke–this is long ago, in the Old Country–who, every time he missed a shot, would shout, “Knickers!”

  15. Sorry cro, I prefer fakes, knockoffs, and simulations.

    So traveling on the ACELA, though I’d rather drive, to see the “real” painting is, well, so 1999.

    But I’m glad it took you only 6 minutes to search out where the “real” painting is, and how I might get there.

    Could you tell me what time “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is playing in Clifton this morning?

  16. Well prof, since your link noted the Walters, it wasn’t too difficult to draw the line to Baltimore. I know that you need the help of the “internets” quite often, but that’s you. Some of us know where things are because, well, we’ve BEEN there or READ about it.

    I know, I know. For you new generation of “academics”, that’s hard to understand. Ask around, though. Perhaps a gray haired, scholarly looking type at this morning’s 10:42 AM showing of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” at Clifton Commons will know!

  17. So this is supposed to divert my eyes from whether or not you use the internets or just KNOW things?

    Well, to a “new” academic (ahhhh, to be called new again…), yours is the modern take on “the dog ate my homework.” But fear not, I’m no stickler, in fact I’m pretty easy so if you want to present yourself as all knowing [and not a GE (“Google Enhanced”)] performance, I don’t have a problem with it.

    Just get your assignments in, and be kind to your classmates. That’s all I really ask for.

    And thanks for the movie info, though a :42 start time is odd…

    How ’bout this one, Carnac– What are the new dimensions going to be at Citi Field? Oh, and when is Mountain Creek opening?


  18. Huh? Sorry, Roo. No idea what you’re furry mind is thinking of.

    Hunter? Please. I can be snowboarding in an hour door-to-door at MC, and be home in time to make dinner.

    Tutu? No. I have a Pikachu tail off my helmet.

  19. Of course the start time was 10:42, not :42, but you new academics can’t be bothered to read closely when there is so much else to do, eh?

    Citi Field, by the way, will be in three dimensions. None of which will help in securing a pennant.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go get the mayonnaise jar that has been on Funk and Wagnal’s porch since noon Tuesday.

  20. Poor, poor cro. I’m sorry. We academics sometimes do read closely. So close that we sometimes assume others will do the same.

    The :42 in question was the 10:42. Most movie times begin in 10 min. increments, not by the minute (10:40 vs. 10:42). Or on the 15’s.

    Unless of course you meant the 10:15 or 10:20 showing, which after previews and commercials might very well start at 10:42.

    I’m sure that’s what you meant. Your far too smart to think a movie might start at 10:42.


  21. “Your (SIC) far too smart to think a movie might start at 10:42>”

    YOU’RE right about that, prof!


  22. OMG!!! U caught me with a typo!!

    U get the prize: a HOLIDAY STAMP and HOLIDAY TREE ornament with BABY Jesus himself on it!!

    U can pick it up next Holiday Eve at the UPPER Montclair Post Office.

    Funny, I imagine your/you’re/ur “Holiday” prayer to look something like this:

  23. Drove through Caldwell today where a lovely manger scene and menorah sat in the downtown area, on town property no less. Didn’t see any protestors…Guess people from Caldwell don’t read Baristanet…

    Happy New Year to all (AAH, one can say that without fear of repercussion).

  24. Happy New Year, Nellie.
    But I’ll need to protest over at Caldwell about their religious bias, being that there was no statue of Buddha next to their tree and candelabra.

  25. “I wouldn’t ski at Mountain Creek if it was in my backyard, prof. But that’s just me.”

    Me neither, I snowboard.

    But is there where you and others tell me about how [mountain name here] is the BEST in the world? How you just love driving your 4+ hours to get to it? That nothing in NJ could possibly match it?


    Really Mr. Roo, where else can I drive an hour, get some speed, hit some jumps with some friends or the little prof, and be back to hear All Things Considered? I’ll take a trip to Okemo, but I like to board once a week/every two weeks, do you really think I’m going to go to Vermont to do it?

    Oh, and have you been to MC during the week? It’s great. No one is there. I have the place all to myself. But when was the last time you were there? Or are you just one of those who make comments without ever experiencing the thing you “wouldn’t do if it WERE in your backyard”?

  26. Funny,

    Re-reading your post, Mr. Roo, I realize that despite your fun pix and comical way, your arrogance is plain.

    And sad.

    Hopefully, your foolish comment was a joke. But I fear it wasn’t.

  27. I wouldn’t ski anywhere. As a self-employed freelancer with no cadillac plan, and a governor who couldn’t give 2 fazoots for the small business man, I can’t afford to slam into some tree or have some arrogant snowboarder cut me off.
    Although we all know that the US has the BEST healthcare system in the known world, right?

  28. Only snowboarders like Mountain Creek and as most snowboarders are teenagers, I’m calling prof’s bluff and outing him as a teenage male who invented the character/caricature of profwilliams as some sort of psychological experiment/prank gone awry. Heck, I bet you don’t even live in “UPPER” Montclair, do you?

  29. What’s strikes me as odd, prof, is that you would call out someone as arrogant over a harmless exchange about a local ski slope. But okay, have it your way. I plead nolo contendere.

    I would tell you where to go, prof, but I don’t think you are really interested. Yes, btw, I have been to MC during the week. Didn’t much like it.

  30. To your point, nickcharles, a good idea for mellow Christians might just be some 21st century version of the generous human spirit contained in “Let It Be”, and they would go with the flow. But a 21st century white male American and Disenfranchised Christian might prefer an evening of popcorn and alcohol while watching the 1959 classic, “Ben Hur”, a movie about very early Christianity filmed during the golden era of massive tailfins on automobiles assembled in Detroit, back when Detroit was still a city and a 427 engine was considered necessary just to impress the desirable chicks, rather than an environmentally incorrect piece of machinery that ate through the ozone layer ( Hi Herb). A fine mid-century American movie, within which, existential grievances can be settled via a chariot race, and leprosy can be cured via miracles having something to do with wooden ladles full of water held by some guy with a beard, long hair and a white robe. Having Charlton “NRA” Heston, in his seminal role known thereabouts in ancient Palestine as a Jewish prince known as Judah Ben-Hur, fully equipped with a thick rolodex of local movers and shakers, and a sexy but nonetheless Semitic looking sister, this movie is a valiant stab at the limited world of bilateral ecumenicism. Since the Jews moved out of tenements and up to the Grand Concourse only about 25 years earlier than the casting call for that movie, the Judaeo-Christian kind of ecumenicism was the only game in town those days. No need for Moslems, Hindus, pagans, Wiccans or Buddhists to apply, but thank you for your interest, we will keep your resume on file.

  31. Not sure if I fit that profile, Spiro, but for what it’s worth right now I would thoroughly enjoy an evening of popcorn, alcohol and Ben Hur. Or perhaps bourbon and Miles Davis.

  32. Don’t “fear” ‘roo’s comment, prof. Far too powerful a feeling to have over a ski discussion, don’t you think (wait, you don’t, I guess).

    I enjoyed the ricky Bobby clip, though I didn’t see how it was germane to the thread but anyway, it gave you a thrill to post it and that’s OK by me..

    And typos are fine, prof! We know, from your history, that they’re only typos when you make them, but proof positive of ignorance when others do!

    Its the Prof Rules! Happy holidays!

  33. Thank you, cro. I could listen to Miles play the phone book. Which is sort of what this recording sounds like to my ears. Not a huge fan of his later output, but nothing he did was bad.

    Now this is more like it.

  34. Here’s what that link got me, cro:

    500 Internal Server Error

    Sorry, something went wrong.

    A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

    If you see them, show them this information:

    etc etc

  35. I’m sure the music’s great, PAZ. But I can’t get past Chuck Norris!

    Anyway, you could meet ‘roo and me (prof probably would have written “you and I”) for a cocktail. I’m just waiting for him to surface.

  36. Cro….I don’t know squat about Chuck Norris, just that he’s some Hollywood black belt shin kicker. Miles is as Miles does.

  37. I would happily meet you for a drink, cro. How about the Montclair Station at midnight. Can you stay awake that long? PAZ, you are welcome to join us, and anyone else for that matter.

  38. PAZ, Chuck was the first 12 seconds of the video.
    “roo, its long been known that I am the Rick Perry of links.

    Are you getting in the car for a cocktail, last of 2011, or not?

  39. Montclair Station? Is that the place with the white guys with dreadlocks?

    I’m up now, or could be then, with a booster.

  40. Sure, but why do I have to cool my heels for 2.5 hours?

    I’m off now.

    Anyway, I have to swing by the VFW and pick up cathar.

  41. “Its the Prof Rules! Happy holidays!”

    Yes, cro. Those its sure be my rules.

    Oh, and when others do anything wrong it’s (or its) a sign of ignorance, and with me, a simple mistake.

    It took you 4 years to realize this?

    But my New Year’s Resolution to to write more “Text-like” to feel more like a “young” academic.

    Because I’m just 2BZ4UQT to worry about writing things out.

    Or correctly.

    @Roo, As you sit home planning a wonderful ski trip someplace that allows for arrogant, surly marsupials like you, I’ll think of you when I’m working on my method air jump.

  42. I sincerely wish everyone here only the best in 2012! Whether you’re spending a quiet evening at home or going out reveling, have fun tonight and stay safe.

  43. Good-bye and good riddance 2011.
    I don’t have much hope for 2012 but I will be out on the patio blowing my conch shell at midnight and banging those pots & pans…..force of habit.
    Happy New Year to you all and may you survive what’s coming in ’12 to post your wants, needs, wishes, fears, joys & jokes. As my old man used to say….Keep plugging!

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