Where in Baristaville Is Mr. Jingle?: December 26 and Introducing Ms. Imani

Mr. Jingle and Mr. Gimel are sleeping in today after a big night celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah, but we’re pleased to introduce you to Ms. Imani in honor of Kwanzaa!

Imani, the 7th principle of Kwanzaa, means faith: “To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.”

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  1. What’s next, buddhism? Hinduism? Confucianism? Are we going to cycle through all the world religions? So much sewing, so little time. Just be careful, Holly, you don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome during this looooong holiday season. Sit up straight, keep your form, and make sure you take frequent breaks with another type of activity. Mixing drinks, say.

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