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What’s Happening in Newark?

It's been extraordinarily violent in Newark lately.

Preschool: Tours, Open Houses and Registration Guide

Editor's note: This guide was first published in early December, but we are putting it up again because many open house tours and registration will happen this month. Choosing your child’s preschool is tough decision....

Christmas Tree Collection (those buried in snow won’t be picked up in Montclair)

And so begins the season of forlorn Christmas trees discarded on the side of the road. Montclair Township says they'll pick up curbside trees on a weekly basis during the month of January, while...

Riding the Quiet Rails

Our intrepid commuter, Brian Glaser, checks out the noise level on the first day of NJT's Midtown Direct Quiet Commute. Clearly it's still a work in progress.

New Year’s Resolutions for Mothers

So we asked you what your resolutions were as parents, but what about ones for yourself? I remember well those early years as a mother and how important it was to take time out...

Hello Reality!

How does it feel to wake up to this particular Monday morning? Can you get through the day without a nap and cookies? Here's your chance to say "what's up" with post-holiday life.

Montclair Education Association Will Not Open Negotiations

MEA YouTube video: "We have no intention whatsoever of reopening that contract."

New Year’s Resolution Boot Camp Giveaway: SOMA Area

Win a 3-month pass to Maplewood Bootcamp!

Want Some Motivation? Watch Jay and Jenn on Biggest Loser

And you think it's hard to lose the five pounds you put on over Christmas?

New Year’s Resolution Boot Camp Giveaway : Montclair Area

Win a two-month pass to Real Body Bootcamp!

Found Camera

Found camera at Mountainside Park buried in the snow. If you lost it, write to Julius DeSantis with a description.

That Was The Year That Was

Our weekend photographer's year in review.

First Night Montclair 2011

New Year's Eve fun in Montclair.

Happy New Year

Thank you for a wonderful, productive and fun 2010. Many exciting things happened for us this year: expanding our coverage to Maplewood, South Orange, Millburn and eventually West Orange, our fun Back to School Bash...

Clever Commute