Bloomfield Public Library Offers the 411 on Saving For College

If you have children, you’ve probably thought worried about saving enough money for their college education. A higher education is expensive and knowing exactly what you can do to try to lesson the blow of that tuition is important.

Bloomfield Public Library wants to help and is offering a free seminar this Saturday called “Saving For College: Understanding your Options” which will provide information to help ensure your child has the financial resources to attend the college of his or her choice. It’s open tp all parents, grandparents and even expectant parents (you really do need ot start saving early!):

Saving For College: Understanding your Options
Who: Parents, grandparents and expectant parents.
What: Free seminar on saving for college.
Where: Bloomfield Public Library, 90 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ
When: Saturday, January 21 at 10 am
Cost: Free. Call 973.566-6200 ext. 509 for more information.

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  1. Don’t bother! We skimped and saved for years and now we are paying $56,000 per year. And .. my daughter is sitting next to kids whose parents didn’t do anything and they are getting financial aid.

  2. The seminar is being offered by Conscious Wealth Building a “wealth consultant”.

    I smell a sales pitch.

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