CCM: Register to Vote!

UPDATE: Printer Scott Kennedy of Studio042 has just printed up a bunch of voter registration forms. See the end of the article for how to pick them up.

According to most recent census data, there are 37,669, people living in Montclair.
There were 24,951 registered voters at the time of the 2008 elections.
Only 7,149 people voted in the 2008 municipal election.
This represents less than a third of all registered voters.
Many who prefer to maintain the status quo over fiscal responsibility make it a priority to get to the voting booths.
Residents for fiscal responsibility need to ensure proper representation at the May 8, 2012 Municipal elections. We need your help to “get out the vote” for fiscal sustainability!

What Can You Do?
Be prepared to cast your vote for the May 8th Municipal election.
Register to Vote, if not already registered to vote in Montclair. The application may be obtained at the Town Clerk’s office or by downloading the form. This application must be postmarked by APRIL 17, 2012.

VOTE BY MAIL: If you would like to cast your vote by mail versus going to a polling booth for this and future elections, a new, very easy process is in place. When you apply to Vote By Mail, you can opt to vote for any or all elections and this will remain in place until you formally request a change. To obtain an application for Vote By Mail, visit The application to Vote By Mail must be received by County Clerk’s office not later than May 1, 2012. They will then mail you a voting ballot which you must complete and return to be received by the County Clerk’s office no later than the election day, May 8, 2012. To ensure timely receipt, we suggest you send your ballot via certified mail, and request a return receipt. Once you have registered to Vote By Mail, you may not vote at the polling booths.

VOTE on May 8, 2012, (if you did not register to Vote By Mail).

Forward this to all of your friends.

From Scott Kennedy:

FYI, I downloaded the double sided single sheet Voter Registration form from the County site and have printed up a stack of 100, They are available at our front counter free of charge and can be dropped into the Post Office Box outside of our office, no postage is necessary.

We will maintain a stack on the front counter until April 17th.

You can let anyone know they can park in the loading zone in front of our office and dash in and grab them from our front counter.

Studio042 is 423 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair.

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  1. Dear Concerned Citizens (whoever you are),

    WHAT does this mean?

    “Many who prefer to maintain the status quo over fiscal responsibility make it a priority to get to the voting booths.”


  2. Only 1/3 of registered voters got out to vote in the past. Wow. Look where that got us. A knitter, a biker and a sleeper (at least one councilor has been caught nodding off). I’ll be out there voting this time. I think I’ll look into the vote by mail, since sometimes things, like long hours at the office, just get in the way on election day. How do we confirm that our vote gets counted when we vote by mail? Does anyone know?

  3. Studio042, are you printing the vote by mail forms in addition to the register to vote? The numbers indicate that many citizens are registered, but just haven’t gone to the polls. Instead, 2/3 of the registered voters let the other 1/3 select the policy makers of our town. If people want to see any improvements, or just legitimately complain when they are not happy with the work being done, we need to rally people to vote.

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