Group of Montclair Glenfield Middle School Parents Aim to Improve the Play Production Process

In an email that went out to families of Glenfield Middle School students, a Visual and Performing Arts magnet school, a group calling themselves “Concerned Glenfield Play Production Parents” are asking parents to join them in signing a petition that would improve the Glenfield Play Production process for students:

Dear Parents of Glenfield Play Production Students,

We are a group of concerned Glenfield Play Production (PP) parents who believe the PP experience can and should be improved for our children.  While we appreciate the hard work of the Glenfield Play Production staff, we believe some key, focused changes would much improve the educational experience of the many talented students involved in PP.  We’ve put together an online survey/petition that expresses our views and offers productive, achievable improvements.  We ask you to take a few minutes to look at the survey/petition, and if you agree with the improvements outlined there, please sign.  Once signatures have been gathered, a group of concerned parents will again meet with PP staff and Mr. Miller to jointly explain and begin to adopt some or all of the changes outlined — none of which will occur overnight, of course.  This will be a cooperative process with compromise on both sides, but one that will end in change and improvement to PP.

Here’s the clickable link.

Thank you!

Concerned Glenfield PP Parents

The CGPPP believes that two play productions, instead of one, should happen yearly, that the school should “double cast” so more students can be involved and recommends that lead roles be cast broadly and guidelines should exist that discourage the lead casting of the same students over consecutive years.

These concerns and petition come after a meeting with the School Action Team Partnership (SATP) on the Play Production process.

One Glenfield parent feels that improvements have already been made and tells us,” I think there were people who had concerns about auditions/casting, but it seemed the faculty has been good about increasing communication and explaining how things work following a meeting with the School Action Team.”

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