Jackson, Murnick Toss Hats In Municipal Race

Since our last posting on who’s running in the upcoming Montclair municipal elections, six more candidates have picked up packets. The latest was current 1st Ward Councilor Rich Murnick, who got to the municipal clerk’s office just before closing time at 4:30 p.m. yesterday. He picked up packets for 1st Ward and councilor-at-large seats.

Former Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson, rumored to be running for mayor shortly before New Year’s Eve, has finally picked up his packet. He’s officially running for mayor.  Jackson and Murnick are expected to run on the same slate, but nothing is official yet.

Others who have tossed their hats in the ring since Thursday:

Rich McMahon, for 1st Ward and councilor-at-large.

Jerold Freier, a former councilor, for 3rd Ward and councilor-at-large.

Jeffrey Jacobson, for 3rd Ward.

And Ilmar Vanderer, an outspoken advocate for the Bellevue Branch Library, for 2nd Ward.

There are now four potential candidates for the 3rd Ward council spot:  Christopher Swenson (thought to be on a ticket with Jackson), Jacobson, Freier and incumbent Nick Lewis.

Everybody on the current council, with the exception of Mayor Jerry Fried, had picked up a packet as of yesterday.

Hat photo via DvidShub on Flickr.



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  1. Any slate that includes Baskerville can’t be taken seriously. Her votes are bought and sold by withholding her support on key issues unless she gets her way on something else. The public good be damned! God forbid you work for the Town and get caught criticizing this thin skinned egomaniac, if she could, you would be fired. To the slate that picks Baskerville up: you may get 4th ward votes, but your trading them for effective council for the next 4 years.

  2. Sheepy,

    I pretty much agree with you. Rene lost me when she sold her vote (and conscience) to be on the planning board. Though, at times she does ask the right questions rather than just rubber stamping resolutions at face value. She’s also not afraid to be tough. She won’t run on a slate anyway.

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