Montclair’s Dylan Fest by Parents Who Rock Raises $1,000

Last night @ Studio Kids Art, 211 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, Alma Schneider and her Parents Who Rock organization hosted a “Dylan Fest”, as a fund raiser for “Goals For Life”, which raises money and awareness for breast cancer.  Goals for Life will be donating the proceeds to the Young Survival Coalition. Eighteen local musicians each played one of their favorite Dylan songs to a sold out crowd. Some $750 $1,000 was raised between tickets sales at the door, raffle baskets and baked goods and donated coffee available during the evening. All the musicians dropped a minimum of $10 in the hat as a donation before hitting the stage. Goals for Life will be donating the proceeds to the Young Survival Coalition.

Pictured: Andrew Klewan, widely known in open mic circles as a true Dylan aficionado.

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  1. I thought this was changed to next week – alma, I read a post by you sayning ‘ this was going to happen next week ‘…I would have loved to be there to video tape, plus many others I know also thought it was changed.

    even your ‘update’ said it was next week…..anyway,glad you had raised so much for a ggod cause.

  2. Hi guys! First off, we actually raised almost $1,000.00, not $750.00 and what was postponed was Parents Who Rock on CBS news, not our Dylan event. So sorry for the misunderstanding and that we missed the opportunity to have you videotape it!

  3. Thank you performers, countless volunteers on stage, on the side of the stage and behind the scenes as well as audience members for making this such a wonderful event for Goals For Life. You all rock my world!!!

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