My Favorite Place: Joe Strupp’s Love Letter to Maplewood

Investigative reporter, blogger, pot-stirrer and die-hard Maplewoodian, Joe Strupp shared this video billet-doux with Baristanet.   Filled with images of the people and places that make Maplewood great, it is an unabashed early Valentine to the town.


  1. Since I was born & raised in Maplewood, I was able to I.D. about 70% of the pictures. I note that rhe person who took the pictures snapped 3 of the 4 churches in Maplewood but none of the 3 synagogues in town.

  2. Are you including both locations of Maplewood Jewish Center in the three or is there another one aside from Ahavath Zion?

  3. 3 Locations mentioned above and POSSIBLY (use to be to be, I have not been over there in a couple of years) on Irvington Ave – but in Maplewood.

  4. I know of no synagogue on Irvington Ave in Maplewood. Mt. Sinai is off Irvington in Ivy Hill, but it is in Newark city limits, not Maplewood.

    And I wouldn’t infer any kind of racism/anti-semitism from the video since neither the two MJC buildings nor Ahavath Zion’s is particularly photogenic or architecturally noteworthy.

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