The Giants Win! Is it a Sign?


But can they beat the Green Bay Packers?

The 24-2 win against the Falcons yesterday created joy throughout the land.  But will it hold?  The team wee crowing about their defense, their offense, their passing.  But beating the Falcons is one thing– the Packers might be another.

What do you think?

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  1. Last time vs. Green Bay it was awfully close. The last 56 seconds decided it. Green Bay can be beaten. They’re not “that good,” although they’re certainly a very balanced football team. But if KC could beat them…

  2. I don’t know if they’re balanced, cathar. They are a terrific passing team. Not so good running. Probably because they don’t have to be. But usually, teams playing with the kinds of leads they have great running numbers because they’re running out the clock. Not so with the Pack.

    And their defense is awful. The Giants had one of their best offensive games all time against them this year. If the Giants had gotten even competent defense, they would have won. As you mention, they lost to KC. Primarily because they harrassed Aaron Rodgers. Harrassing QBs is, when the defense is playing right, exactly how the Giants want to play.

    Should be a fun game, at least. The Giants have been maddingly unpredictable this year though.

  3. The Giants are on a roll…the way they are playing now, nothing can stop them from going all the way…Go GIANTS!!!

  4. My Lions lost but for those of us hopeless dreamers it was a great game. Ah yes, Carl the “Wikings” as my grandmother would say.

  5. Mike 91, while I’d disagree with your view of the Packers (my sense is that their true weakness is a banged up O-line rather than its defense), we do at least seem in agreement it should be a good game.

    One in which the Giants’ rather ferocious collection of defensive linemen will probably play a big role. :ast I looked, Green Bay was a 10 point favorite with Vegas oddsmakers. I’d also feel better if Aaron Ross and the occasionally good D.J. Ware can play.

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