Tell BID How You Feel

The Montclair Center Business Improvement District, along with some help from Essex County, was out in Montclair Center Wednesday morning, removing the Winter Snowflake Skyline down from over Bloomfield Avenue. We always love the seasonal display put up by BID, though the snowflakes seemed a bit lonely this year without much real snowfall to go with it.

Snowflakes safely stored until next year, BID is now asking for your thoughts on Montclair Center. The organization has set up an online survey seeking input from Montclair Center customers and stakeholders.

BID is trying to get a comprehensive look at how different constituents view Montclair Center and solicit suggestions to make it better. The survey takes about ten minutes, and those who complete it can enter a drawing for a $100 gift certificate for Montclair Center. To begin the survey, click here.

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  1. With due respect to the individuals who volunteer their time for the BID….BUT… If you look back at Montclair Center 50 years ago….25yrs….20….10….and you look at the results of what the BID has achieved,I would say that in today’s economical climate, and how our towns have evolved as commercial centers, …there’s really no hope for what a BID organization can do and that the organizations positive intentions efforts be directed to something else….like public safety or charities. I would just leave it up to the BRAVE Montclair business owners to think of useful and creative ways to survive and fend for themselve (within legal possibilities of course)

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