Ask Holly: Duct Tape Valentines

BY  |  Wednesday, Feb 01, 2012 11:00am

What says hearts and flowers like red and black fire-breathing ninja dragons? Not a damn thing. There may come a time where all of the pink, heart shaped Valentine cliches become, “Not cool, Mom.” So if I have to twist dragon printed duct tape into a heart-shape to make it cool, so be it. Better yet if I can make the Valentine into a bracelet and attach it to a pencil (minus the taped-on piece of candy none of our kids need) even better…

Here is what you will need:

  • A roll of duct tape in the pattern of your child’s choosing
  • Red card stock
  • Valentine’s pencils
  • A ruler
  • Scissors

Step One: Make a small 8″ duct tape bracelet Click here for instructions

Step Two: Fold the bracelet in half. The middle will be the bottom of the heart, now fold it in half again to make a heart shape

Step Three: Take a 5″ piece of duct tape and cut it into thirds lengthwise. Take one strip and, holding the pencil eraser side up, start taping the bottom of  the now heart shaped bracelet to the top of the pencil by wrapping the strip of duct tape around and around. Start at the top of the eraser  and wrap until the metal part is covered.

Step Four: Cut out small red hearts and fold them in half. Have the child write To: and From: on the front and or back of the heart. Either glue them onto the pencil using hot glue or tape them on with a small piece of duct tape.

My kids and I are making the Charm Valentines for the girls and the bracelets for the boys. You may want to have your child tell the kids receiving the bracelets how to unwrap them and wear them.

Questions? Just Ask Holly!

Supplies available at  AC Moore  and Michael’s
Heart Pencils available at most dollar stores 

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