Bobbi Brown’s Weekend Adventures

I am not stalking Bobbi Brown, seriously. I was just wondering yesterday if she had anything to say about New York Fashion Week, which is going on now.

So I went to her twitter feed, @justbobbibrown, and found this provocative tweet from Saturday:

The back side of a cop car is crazy uncomfortable #whoknew

Turns out Baristaville’s Makeup Queen wasn’t getting hauled into headquarters for being a bad girl. No, as she told her Twitter followers, including son Cody, she had just lost her wheels at Willowbrook Mall. Couldn’t remember where she had parked, and a nice mall cop drove her around until her car materialized.

Interestingly, I’d just finished reading this story in the Times about oversharing — and oversnooping — on the web. Turns out that cyberstalking, even in its milder forms, has the effect of making you feel that your life is less interesting than everybody else’s. But in this case? Naaah.

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  1. Do we really care how many homes, and where they are located, nor what she drives or where she vacations or how many boats she has ? Why are we fed this B.S. ?

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