Colbert Report Suspended; No Explanation Given


Taping of “The Colbert Report” was suspended on Wednesday evening and would be again on Thursday because of “unforeseen circumstances,” according to The New York Times and other media outlets.  Comedy Central did not provide any further details about what led to the cancellations.

The Times reported that Steve Albani, a spokesman for Comedy Central, sent the following e-mail: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16.”  The show does not usually tape on Fridays.

Montclair residents: does anyone have a scoop on Stephen Colbert’s whereabouts?  His twitter account, @StephenAtHome, has been quiet since a Happy Valentine’s Day tweet on Tuesday.

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  1. “Suits” do not have the capacity to come to realizations, nor would they know funny if they stepped in it. Suits follow, not lead. Part of the fun of the old Smothers Brothers show was watching them yank the suits’ (and the censors’ who, by law, must be suits, too) chains. Of course their show did get cancelled…

  2. “Unconfirmed rumor that his mother passed away.”

    Alan: please keep us posted if you learn anything else. Thanks.

  3. I recognize at times I’m a prude in my modesty and expectation of it from others.

    But this post is unseemly.

    So while I am not a fan, I respect that something must be up, as such– he deserves his privacy. Rather than a blathering headline.

  4. Well, Obviously, people! He’s stuck on the Watchung Avenue bridge!

    But seriously, if he has indeed had a death in the family, I wish him peace.

  5. That would indeed be sad, and if that’s the case, condolences from Baristanet and the entire community.

  6. (cmaynard, ok, how about the unseemly nature of asking for tips? It must be some kind of emergency, which then deserves respect and privacy. But then again, that’s me.)

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