Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation’s 10th Annual Gala

The Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation (FCCF) is presenting its 10th annual Gala on Saturday, March 24, at the Westminster Hotel in Livingston. The Foundation provides emotional and financial assistance to children afflicted with cancer and to their families.

Since its formation in 1998, the FCCF has helped hundreds of families and the letters and expressions of thanks the FCCF receives from the families and the social workers demonstrate the positive impact the foundation has had on their lives.  The Annual Gala is Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation’s largest event of the year and features silent and live auctions, a raffle, games, and live music and dancing.  The Gala promises to be a fun night for a great cause,

This year, the FCCF will be honoring Livingston resident and hero Sydney Becker. Sydney is a lovely 13 year old girl who was diagnosed last year with a rare form of bone cancer and has dedicated herself to stopping the deadly disease. In spite of her battle, Sydney has displayed an inspiring positive attitude, and she and her family have remarkably found the time and energy to help others, managing to assist in the fundraising of over $200,000 for cancer research. Sydney is an inspiration to all who know her.

For more information about the Foundation, visit online or call Adam Berman at 215.411.4600 x230. In addition to attending the event and inviting anyone interested in supporting the FCCF, the Foundation is soliciting event sponsorships as well as donations for the Gala’s auctions and raffle.  Those interested in sponsoring the event or donating goods or services can contact Adam Berman directly.  The Foundation wishes to thank everyone who helps to make its mission a success by experiencing the “sharing of caring” that is the Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation family.

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