Happy Leap Day: What It Means and Ways To Celebrate

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It’s Leap Day and a cause for celebration!  After all, this day only comes once every four years.

In case you were wondering what Leap Day was all about, I’ll try to explain. Basically, it takes Earth 365 days AND 6 hours to revolve around the sun. So in four years, we have 24 hours and add the extra day on our calendar to make up for it.

Got it? If you want a much better explanation, watch the video below:


Here are ways to celebrate Leap Day with the family:

1) Make Frog-shaped pancakes. Anna Sandler is. She wrote about it on her blog Random Handprints.

2) Play Leap Frog with the kids! But be careful, you’re not as young as you were when you probably last played, you may pull a muscle.

3) Sing this song with your little ones.

4) Make a Frog craft. This one is really cute.

5) Take the kids to the Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge after school for this fun event:

Let’s Leap
Kids ages 4 – 6.
What: Leap Day only comes around once every four years. Join a Naturalist a day early and spend the afternoon learning about a wide variety of animals in search of ones who can leap.
Where:Environmental Education Center, 190 Lord Stirling Road, Basking Ridge, NJ.
When: Wednesday, February 29 from 4 pm – 5:30 pm
Cost: $9. Call 908.766.2489 for more information.

6) If it happens to be yours (or your child’s) birthday, go to Smashburger and score a free hamburger! Just make sure to bring proof.

7) Watch the romantic comedy Leap Year with your teenage daughter or after you get the kids to bed.


  1. POSTED BY jessepstein  |  February 29, 2012 @ 1:29 pm

    How about teach your middle and high school students a great SAT word: “intercalate”.. what leap day is all about.

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