MSU’s LGBT Community is Again Target of Anti-Gay Threats

Montclair State University’s LGBT community is once again the target of anti-gay threats, according to a letter from the university’s president.  A threatening message was scrawled on the wall outside the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Student Center and a hand-written note was left under the center’s door.

The letter, from University President Susan Cole, stated:

On January 26th, the words, “Die Fags,” were written in marker on the wall adjacent to room 104K in the Student Center CSI complex.  On 
January 27th, a written note with the words, “you will die soon Faggots,” was reported to have been left under the door of room 104K.  And, on January 30th, the words, “Fags will die on 2/7,” was written on the wall of the first floor women’s restroom near the Rathskellar.

The actions were similar to an incident in October when someone left a message under the Center’s door that read “You will feel the wrath of Allah/ Your thoughts are immoral/ homosexuality is sin/ Allah says you must pay.”

The LGBT Center posted this on its Facebook wall last night:

“a meeting will take place tomorrow, February 1st at 3:30pm in SC 419 in response to the bias incidents mentioned in Dr. Cole’s email to the campus. The meeting will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss how we, as a university community, can stand strong and united. Representatives from various campus offices and departments will be available and present at the meeting. HATE IS NOT AN MSU VALUE.”

University Police are investigating the incidents.  Pres. Cole urged anyone with information to contact the University Police at (973) 655-5222, or the Confidential Tips Line at 973-655-8477.


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  1. So sad. Seems to be a lot of hate going around lately. First all of the anti-semetic crimes and now hearing of this,it just seems to amaze me that some people are still so angry and hate themselves so deeply that this is the outcome.

  2. Hmm hidden camera above the drop ceiling should be able to capture the coward on videotape so they can be called out on their bigotry. If you are going to have an extreme position at least have the *ahem* to own it and deal with society’s response.

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